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You Can Heal Yourself in a Taxi

by | Oct 1, 2018

Distant healing…how does it work?

As I travel more and more these days (and as some of you do the same!), I’ve been doing an increasing number of distant sessions.

Earlier this year, I gave a session to a client while she was anxiously rushing to see me in a taxi. 

The NYC subways and car traffic were a mess. She jumped off the subway and into a cab, but there was still no way she was going to make it to her appointment on time, so we got on the phone and did her first distant session…in the taxi.

I tuned into her body’s “innate wisdom,” had her do some tapping and deep breaths, and she arrived at my clinic location much calmer, just in time for a brief hello before meeting her friends for dinner.

This is what she emailed me later that night:
“I was really impressed by how much support and help I felt from the distance session. I would have loved to see you in-person…but this was a pretty great alternative considering the circumstances! I was telling my friend about the whole experience and we ended up finding so much humor in the absurdity of it with the chaos and then session in a car with a cab driver… It was good to laugh about the comedy of errors! The session was truly healing and not funny, but the circumstances of it all were pretty comical.”

So how does this work?


Our bodies can heal working with a practitioner on the other side of the world in the same way that we now have instant wireless communication across distances via email and cell phones.

It’s like when a person knows what happened to someone else even though the two people are separated by thousands of miles.

Einstein called this spooky action at a distance, and in modern physics in can be referred to as quantum nonlocality.

Essentially, it speaks to how we are all comprised of energy and all connected  instantaneously  through energy, so distance becomes less of a factor.

When a practitioner has tools to tap into the awareness or consciousness guiding this energy, change can happen.

This is how we’ll be working in my upcoming 4-Week Course on Self-Love, and how I’m working in the monthly Community BodyTalk Sessions.

I actually receive the majority of my own personal sessions over the phone or Skype, which lets me work with some of the best practitioners in the world…comfy from own my sofa or hotel room!

So get in there if you want to work with the truly transformative power of Self-Love, comfy from your sofa.

Self-love is a space where we have so much agency and true power, and I’m ready to support you in that journey!

The course starts next week on October 10! Please share this with a friend or loved one who might benefit.

For a little more info, here’s a video of what you can expect in the course.

And finally, our scholarship goes to Prairie Mae Liliana Johnson. You can check out her video on my Facebook Page. And we’re giving partial scholarships to Annie Duffy and Michelle Fletcher. Thank you so much for your participation!! I’m so thrilled to have you be part of the group.

Be in touch. Share the love (with yourself first), and have a sweet week.


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