How To Do A Self-Love Push Up + Invite To My 4-Week Mastery Course

by | Sep 18, 2018

Hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. After some very full months of dancing, travel, a little vacation, and sessions in between, I am excited to be back with a some news and updates, broken down here for your easeful perusal.

1 – How to do a Love Push Up – Suppressing uncomfortable emotions or feelings is also a suppression of your joy. Below I share one simple technique on how to push up the love.

2 – Reigniting Your First Love: YOU! That’s right, YOU. My first 4-week online Mastery Course on Self-Love is open for registration! Can I get a woot woot?! We’re taking Self-Love for a deep dive. The early bird special is running until Sept 28th, so jump on in. Details are HERE.

3 – Monthly Community BodyTalk We’re going global! The in-person clinic is now a monthly online group session that you can join from anywhere in the world. Sign up HERE.

4 – BodyTalk Direct + Public Lecture by Dr. Veltheim in NYC I’ll be training with BodyTalk Founder Dr. Veltheim on Sept 28 and 29. My sessions always pack a power punch after a training, so make sure to book yourself a one-on-one session. Dr. Veltheim will also be giving a public lecture on Sept 27.

I’m excited to connect with you. Be in touch if you have any questions or want to dive right in! And please feel free to share this with anyone you feel might benefit.

With love,

How to do a Love Push Up

That’s Bruce Lee doing 2 finger pushups.

Every day you have an opportunity to exercise your capacity for more joy and love.

One way to do this is through unpleasant feelings.

We all experience unpleasant feelings on a daily basis. Multiple times every day, in fact.

Unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned to suppress them, which can literally “hide” and store this energy in our bodies.

Energy is the key word here.

These feelings are literally made of energy. Energy that wants to move, be seen, and then go on its merry way.

On a biochemical level, an unpleasant feeling really only lasts 60-90 seconds.

When you “push down” an unpleasant feeling by picking up your phone, eating, shopping, tightening your body, or holding your breath, you miss an opportunity!

Suppressing uncomfortable feelings is also a suppression of your joy.

You are turning off your capacity to feel.

So how can you make another choice, to “push” that joy and love UP?

What I really mean here is allow for joy and love to arise…allow yourself to feel emotions, which we all really want to do.

Start by simply staying present when an unpleasant feeling shows up, for 60-90 seconds.

Feel it for 60-90 seconds. Let it do its movement, it’s transformation.

It will pass.

If you give it space, you will find that you can be calmer and more centered.

You might experience a release of emotions on the way.

Essentially, you are tapping into acceptance. You are transforming an impulse to be reactive. You are tapping into your potential to be understanding, empathetic, and more deeply accepting of yourself and others. 

Start with that 60-90 second exercise. That’s all you have to do for now. Feel free to let me know how it goes.

We’ll work more deeply with this and other tools in Reigniting Your First Love: YOU!

(2018 series) 

4-Week Self-Love Mastery Course

If you’ve been in this kind of work for a while now, it may not be news to you to hear that YOU are responsible for your current reality.

YOU create your reality, or at the very least all the reactions you have to your life experiences.

This course is designed to help you see what part you’re playing in that amazing creation and to realign your whole system towards the life that is truly yours.

A huge component of this work is taking a look at how you love yourself.

We’ve acquired countless patterns, stories, and belief systems around self-love, that sometimes aren’t even our own.

Reigniting Your First Love: YOU! will focus on:
-removing these blockages and more
-giving you tools for taking agency over your life
-finding this agency through your body
-setting up supportive patterns for continuing beyond the 4-week course
-doing this with a group of like-minded people*

*There is power in a group experience!

Early bird special is up until Sept 28th.

*Scholarships and financial assistance are available if needed. Please email for more info.

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  1. Lisa Olivia

    This is good… Really good.. The 60-90 seconds sounds totally manageable, though I feel I don’t often catch the moment when the negative feeling comes into the picture. It’s like someone throws me a ball, and the next thing I know someone is telling me to grab the ball from the ground… I totally missed the moment of the ball in flight. Or the emotion in flight.. Only noticing later that I feel angry, frustrated, etc. How to pay closer attention to the movement of emotions when so many other things are happening at the same time?

    • Michelle Boule

      Lisa! Get familiar with the feeling/emotion. Know it better and better so you can catch it next time and redirect the energy. Like “oh…here it is again…” See how your body feels, notice how your breath changes, notice what thoughts you start to think. You’ll catch yourself sooner before you go into a “destructive” whirlwind. 🙂


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