Support for New Beginnings

by | Nov 22, 2017

If you are in the process of beginning something new (or letting go of something old), read the mini-session below and tap it in.

This session went along with the announcement of my new website MBody Radiance (where you are right now!), and is in support of embarking on a new chapter in any facet of your life.

If you know someone who could use a little boost on a new journey, please feel free to share this.

And it always helps to take the work deeper by booking a personalized session or by joining some of my offerings for group work. More is coming soon, online and in-person so stay tuned!

Lots of love,

Session for New Beginnings

Active Memory Fear of “the unfamiliar”
Hydration linking to Lymph


Tap gently over your head brain, your heart center, and your gut brain (around your navel) as you take deep breaths.

Imagine the charge from any of those active memories (conscious or subconscious) being pulled up and released. And imagine your psoas muscles lengthening, softening and finding their fluid, amazing stability again.

Some of us may embrace the unfamiliar, but there were probably also times when something new or unfamiliar didn’t feel so great. This Active Memory balancing will help your bodymind to resolve any charged memories from times in the past when “the unfamiliar” (something unknown, foreign, unrecognized) made you feel unsafe. This will allow you to have a new perspective when something new and unfamiliar pops up on your metaphorical doorstep.

Hydration and Lymph support making sure water is keeping you connected and flowing as you encounter new experiences. Lymph (a fluid) will help get rid of the waste in your body that might be keeping you stagnant, held back or blocked.

Breathe and enjoy!

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