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2 steps to get past any life struggle

by | Mar 6, 2021

I’m going to be honest… these 2 steps are no walk in the park.

But they’re simple and will get you to exactly where you want to be in life, if you follow them!

This is the heart of what I help my clients with, and it’s also what we’ll be diving into on Thursday, March 11th in my FREE workshop “Break the Rules. Love Yourself.”

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Struggle shows up when you have what’s known as a “value conflict.”


You say you want something… a thriving career, more time and energy, satisfying relationships… but that thing continues to not show up in your life.

Instead, you get frustration, disappointment, exhaustion, and overwhelm, on repeat.

Or worse, you think maybe I’m just not meant to have this or I’m not good enough.

You can simplify this problem with two steps.

1 – Know who you are and what you want
2 – Act accordingly

Simple, right? But these two steps challenge every rule for “safety” that you’ve believed so far.

You’ve been raised according to other people’s values, or rules for living, which don’t always match yours.


So you suppress the truth of who you are and what you want, to keep everyone else comfortable.


In other words, you live through the fear of what other people will think, to stay “safe.”

This was necessary as a child, to make sure you were taken care of by your parents or whoever raised you.

But as an adult, these deeply ingrained “rules” can keep you from your true happiness.

And your cycle of frustration continues.

The simplest way to change this is to get radically honest about answering the question “What do I want?”

Then join me this Thursday, March 11th in “Break the rules. Love Yourself.” for a longer teaching on how to change these patterns and create new rules that support you and your dreams.

We’ll also be doing an extra step…

3 – BONUS STEP: Move Your Body!

As a lifelong dancer, movement is one of my favorite tools for transformation, and I’ll guide you through some simple yet powerful practices to embody your dreams.

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With gratitude and love,

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