3 Steps To Get Off The Mental Hamster Wheel NOW!

by | Oct 22, 2021

You know the mental hamster wheel that kicks in where you’re stuck? It’s awful, right?

You’re constantly swinging back and forth about decisions.

You’re questioning everything and can’t move forward.

Your self-esteem starts going down the toilet.

Then you see that you’re actually putting yourself in a worse position because 1) you’re super frustrated and feel like crap and 2) you’re not actually solving the problem that’s spinning around in your mind.

This is especially bad for business owners because your business stops running and you start running… out of money.

It’s like this 80’s song on repeat, but not so fun! (Do you know this song? I did a lot of living room dances to this one.)

Back to business… here are 3 ways to get off that hamster wheel (or record player) and let yourself breathe a sigh of empowered relief.

1 – Use This Understanding: Usually this spinning happens when you’re nearing a big breakthrough. You’ve been on track going towards something and then all of a sudden, you go into indecision, confusion, and everything stops. Doubt pops in, immediately followed by fear and worry. If you can use your intellect to see this pattern when it shows up, you can more objectively step back and respond to your situation rather than automatically react to it.

2 – Change Your State: Once you’re on the hamster wheel, you may relentlessly try to get unstuck or resolve your issues from your hamster wheel state of being. This will only perpetuate the problem. Like Einstein said:


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”


Stop trying to solve the problem and instead do something different. Move your body. Shift your energy state. Turn on some music and really dance. Do something that makes you laugh. Get your mind and body into your “next best” state. Even the slightest shift can do and raise you up to different perspectives and possibilities.

3 – Take Action: Dig your hands in the dirt! Simply make a decision and take action, with the full intention that you’re taking a step towards knowing even more. So, instead of just thinking about planting the seed, get in there with your hands and start planting it. You’ll get more information, experience, and learning from taking action.

In service and love,

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