3 tips on how to find the right help

by | Jun 5, 2021

If you take a look at all the self-help info out there (and I’m guessing you do, just like me, because you’re reading this), you’ll see that it’s pretty much all the same information.

Every person just has a different angle on it.

Why is this so important for you?


Because YOU are unique and specific, and finding the right help can make or break your ability to reach your goals and dreams.


In fact, this is so important, because making an aligned choice honors the exact thing that’s 100% necessary for you to live the life you want.

Here are 3 tips to find the right help for YOU, plus my unique approach to how I work with my clients:

1. Ideally, the person helping you is guiding you to the truth of this question… Who are you? So many people live their entire lives not knowing the answer to this. But you can only live the life you want once you know the honest answers to this question. Dissatisfaction, bitterness, and burnout transform into deep inner peace, creativity, connection, and love.

2. The help is here. When you want something and honor that need, the Universe will deliver it to you. It may not always look like what you want. Do you know that I initially judged almost every single person who has helped me deeply in my life? Once I let go of my resistance and was ready, I realized “this is the exact person I need to pay attention to!” Then my life changed.

I had to adjust my judgments and rationalizations about things like… what the person looked like, how they talked or dressed, or how much they were charging. Yup, I’m not above all that, but it’s much more fun to stay away from it! When you surrender and receive, you’ll see the help is right here in front of you.

3. You’re not for everyone, and every coach, mentor, therapist is not for everyone. The fun turnaround on this is that…


YOU get to choose, which is the greatest power you have!


This choice honors your uniqueness, and when you do this, you’re actually honoring the deepest part of yourself that is burning to come out! You’re saying YES to what you want and who you are and NO to what you don’t want. Hello healthy boundaries!

So how do I work with people that’s unique to me?

My background in contemporary dance, creative practices, energy medicine, consciousness and embodiment practices is what one client called my “secret sauce.”

I use that sauce and more to help you with three areas of your life:

1. VISION: Getting to the root of your clarity and power.
2. STRATEGY: Coming up with a strategy plan and action steps to get there.
3. INTEGRATION: Teaching you how to think, embody, and heal any aspects of your life that are holding you back.

Besides this, I laugh with my clients and bring creative play into the work of transforming your life. It’s serious business, and we gotta have fun while we’re at it.

If you feel like I’m the right person for you and you’re ready to jump in, let’s jump!

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With love,

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