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3 ways to grow your biz without killing your relationship

by | Dec 10, 2021

You know, as a high-achieving business owner or professional, that success and greatness ask for your focus, energy, and time.

But some part of you may think that becoming successful is never going to let you have a great relationship or will destroy the one you have.

And that you’ll end up either alone or feeling like you’ve wasted your potential.

But that’s not the truth!

Vicky’s relationship / career distress in The Red Shoes!


However, if you believe this, you’ll keep yourself from great success, passionate intimacy, or the even better option of the combo platter where you get both!

Here’s the truth…

Sustained business growth, when done in alignment, asks you to grow more than anything else… more than therapy, healing workshops, and personal growth seminars.

But your business growth and success don’t have to upend your life or hurt your relationships. In fact, that’s out of alignment.

So here are 3 ways to grow your biz and success without feeling alone…

1 – Be honest about who you are and what you want from the get go. Attention people-pleasers! If you start out trying to make everyone else happy (including your potential clients or customers), you’re setting yourself up for a codependent disaster.

When you’re honest about what YOU want, you’ll attract relationships, clients, and team members who resonate with your truth… who you are and your mission.

This even relates to kids, if you have them. Showing your kids how you prioritize taking care of yourself, your purpose, and what makes you tick teaches your kids confidence, alignment, and the Law of Cause and Effect. (See my client Angela’s testimonial!)

2 – Your ideal friendships and partnerships grow with you. One of the Universal Laws is that life is always expanding towards #morelife and #change. Your truth is best served by surrounding yourself with people who celebrate your change and growth.

Relationships will definitely end, but if you’re being true to yourself as you grow, it’s healthy to let certain relationships end and new ones begin. The right people will come rushing in as you stay in alignment!

It’s good to note that if a person is afraid of their own growth, they can also project that onto another person and sabotage the relationship! #personalresponsibility

3 – Business growth requires that you learn how to RECEIVE support, money, and PLEASURE. Now if that doesn’t sound like a fantastic relationship, you’re reading the wrong blog!

Your business suffers if you don’t learn how to let go and let even more and “more better” things come in. Enough said!

Here’s to your pleasure, connection, success, and abundance.

In service and love,

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