3 ways to stop procrastination

by | Nov 13, 2021

This is something I hear a lot from people who want to make more money in their business or bring a creative dream to life…

I really want to make this happen, and I know I’m going to feel disappointed, depressed, and miserable if I don’t…

But I don’t think I’m ready. I think I need more time.

Yikes!!! This is a big red flag I want to help you see because that way of thinking is more often than not a tactic of your subconscious mind to keep you from ever getting to where you want to go.

Your mind convinces you you’re being smart, but unfortunately, you’ll likely end up disappointed, depressed, and miserable instead of confident, free, and joy-filled (which is your birthright by the way).

So here are 3 ways to get clear and switch this thinking pronto so you “feel ready” and don’t miss the parade when it’s right outside your front door, inviting you to become the successful, creative being you are!

1 – You have to learn to start before you’re ready. I know I know. You’re tired. You just moved. Your mom’s about to have surgery. Your dog needs a knee replacement. The tree fell down in the backyard. You’ve been fighting with your partner. You just paid for your kid’s tuition. Your best friend’s boyfriend’s sister’s uncle is about to retire and…

Do you see what I’m getting at here? Your mind is convincing you to stop. The reasons will pile on, and before you know it, you have an even bigger hill to climb.

2 – Use momentum in the right direction. Once you start moving in the direction (daily!) towards your dreams, you build momentum, and it 100% gets easier. You remember that law of inertia from high school physics, right? Keep saying YES to yourself and your dreams every day, and your bright, shiny dream is guaranteed to show up for reals. Momentum makes it easier.

3 – Find a role model and take a risk. Any person who’s reached success took a risk, or many. How can I say that with any conviction? Because growth happens on the razor’s edge, where you step into the unknown. It’s not about looking for security and certainty. It’s about leaning past the edge of fear into growth.


You’re making space for that quiet voice of desire within that tells you this is what you need to do. As you learn to listen to and cultivate that voice, your life will change in ways you hadn’t imagined!


Study any successful person, and you’ll see that these are common themes that you can also bring into your life!

Which one of these 3 resonates with you most? Let me know in the Comments below. Here’s to your beautiful dreams!

In service and with love,

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