4 Ways to Stop and Take Care of YOU

by | Dec 2, 2020

If you weren’t taught how to take care of yourself, it won’t come easy.

You’ll resist and come up with every excuse as to why you shouldn’t:

There’s so much to do!
My daughter needed something.
No one else will take care of it if I don’t.
I don’t have time.
It’s too much money.

Are you familiar with any of those?

These are all “programs” speaking, not YOU!And sometimes your body, mind, and soul are screaming for care!


Remember… when you take care of YOU, you do an infinitely better job taking care of everyone and everything around you. That’s the truth. Period.


So, here are 4 ways to make sure you’re taking good care this holiday season:

1 – SLEEP Are you getting enough quality sleep? Can you improve your nighttime ritual? I’m going to share my life-changer tool on my next Live “What Up Wednesday!?” on Instagram and Facebook. (11am EST / 8am PST ☕️ / 5pm UTC + 2)

2 – CONNECTION Are you reaching out to friends? Making new friends? Having Zoom-a-licious time, going for “physical distance” walks, saying hi to people on the street, hiking trail (me!), or grocery store?

3 – SURRENDER Do you let other people help you? Let yourself stop taking care of everyone else? And let’s go macro…


Do you let the universe, Spirit, God, Energy
(your word choice) do its job, while you
take care of yours? #dontmess


4 – LAUGHTER Have you laughed today? Let some snorts open your body up and shatter your “very important” priority.

Follow these 4 steps and you’re bound to have a stellar holiday season!

And because the truth of the universe is abundance, here’s step #5:

——–> Sign up for Mediate-Move-Heal! 

What you need is already here. Let go. Let it come to you, and you’ll feel like a polished self-care pro in no time.

In service and love,

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  1. Judy Varga

    I found it interesting, i heard you say this twice now in some of your sessions , that we are born with the fear of loud noise and falling? why would we be afraid of falling at birth, as we have been in a protected womb for 9 months, no place to fall. I can see the loud noise thing as sound travels thru the body to the fetus. Anyway, they both resonate with me as i always thought of my fear of falling as a experiential pstsd thing, and i have fallen a lot and broken or twisted parts of my body) and i do not like loud noises, loud talking, fireworks, dogs barking, machinery saws , leaf blowers, .etc. I crave quiet. I do not like winter cos of ice, slippery, never learned how to ride a bike cos i fell in NY in Central Park while my dad was teaching me but i was going downhill and didnt know how to brake and a cop on a horse was crossing the road in front of me and horse got scared and lifted its front legs and i went into a fence. I like both feel on the ground or floatinginwater

  2. Michelle Boule

    Wow! What stories Jude! In utero, you don’t have the same relationship to gravity once you’re out, so I think there’s something about uprightness (not falling) that supports your survival mechanisms. However, interesting to note that in dance and things like gymnastics, you’re trained on how to fall appropriately, probably because we’re prone to go into a startle response. This happened to me once when I went flying into a ditch on my rollerblades as a kid, and I remembered what I learned in gymnastics about tucking and rolling and was right back up on my feet instead of face planting into the ditch! Noises can definitely trigger the nervous system. I think we can do work on both to lessen the innate fear. 🙂 (Remember, we’re more powerful than we realize!!)


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