5 ways to discipline (but not tame) your creative genius

by | Mar 19, 2024

One of my amazing clients asked this question in the chat in our Brilliant Creatives Community Session last week.

“How does self-discipline look like for a wild a$$ person like myself?”

First off, we laughed because this came from a highly intelligent, powerful artist who, like many of us, is finding the right container to support all their brilliance.

This is so relevant to the people I love to serve that I wanted to share 5 steps with you here:

1 – Know and discover what you want and your why. Every ding dang coach could tell you this, and it only works if you and your coach are willing to dig deep. 

2 – Stop giving your authority away to others (your parents, peers, partners, friends, bosses). Rebellion is strong but it’s not effective. And being a victim robs you of your power instantly.

3 – Find your devotion. Drop your addiction. One of my fav teachers Marion Woodman said that our addictive culture (drinking, shopping, screen time, pornography, work, etc.) stems from a loss of connection to God and ritual. #agreed!

4 – Discover and accept who YOU are. Everyone’s formula for discipline is different, and if you don’t know who you are, you’ll be awkwardly wearing everyone else’s clothes. You’re way too unique. 

5 – Surround yourself with LOVE… in your own head and heart, and in your relationships and communities you spend time with. 

I could teach for hours on each of these points.

Changing these patterns can take years.

And… it’s totally possible… just like how you’ve mastered your craft in whatever you’re already good at.

Think of how many people you’ve studied with and how much time you’ve put into your work.

 Investing in the right support and guidance makes it easier.

 Remember, you’re worth it because…

 Your one and only life is your greatest creation. 

 So good, I want to write it again.

 Your one and only life is your greatest creation.

 So much love,

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I am able to embody more awareness and a deeper sense of gratitude in my body. I can appreciate the places where I want to grow with less shame and more courage. I have greater faith in myself and that my needs will be met.


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