6 Steps to Success AND Happiness

by | Mar 30, 2022

Do you know you can be both successful and happy?

We’re mostly taught to believe we can only have one of those two realities.

But this is a LIE.

If you’ve been raised – programmed, brought up, conditioned, etc.– to only see how success and happiness cannot co-exist, it will be very difficult for you to see that a whole other reality is possible.

Your nervous system is literally not programmed to see it

But you’re probably reading this because some higher part of yourself knows success and happiness are possible, even if it’s hard to see the evidence on the regular.

Make sense?

Success in life is becoming what you want to be. – Wallace Wattles

So, THIS is how you can start to combine success and happiness in your life today.

1 – Get super radically honest about exactly what you want.

2 – Realize this is your pathway to discovering exactly who you are.

3 – Remove all resistance to being truly, authentically you. (ALERT! This is an inside job. This is not about changing everyone else around you.) 😉

4 – Make your choices, decisions, and actions from this constantly unfolding AWARENESS of exactly who you are.

5 – Acknowledge that you are not only safe, but empowered, successful, joyous, and generous in this alignment.

Why? Because you know who you are, what you want to be, do, and have, and how to do that day after day.

You realize that your safety is not determined by what everyone else thinks. BIG ONE!

6 – Rinse and repeat.

You’ll start to receive the blessings the Universe is so eager to bestow on you now that YOU truly see and honor who YOU are.

Let me know in the Comments if this makes sense for you.

With love,

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  1. Christiane

    This post got me right at the day I noticed that exactly that change has happened inside myself. And that was even before I opened my mails. What a “coincidence”!
    Yes, my program was the other way and I couldn’t see it. Now that I am on a different path since 1,5 years all of a sudden I noticed all is very different and all is possible now. A wonderful feeling. The text and the 6 Tips sum it up very well and will be a great reminder for moments of doubt or the old system knocking on my door. Thank you!

    • Michelle Boule

      Love it Christiane! Beautiful to hear about your changes.

  2. Lisa Olivia

    That 5th one — I LOVE how it feels to know, in my body, that living in alignment is a generous way of being!! Of course it is! It just hit me that I have been believing an old pattern of fearing that what I want will mean I am being “selfish” or stingy…. Those are not my beliefs or values. I value generosity and success too. Thanks for this refreshing reminder. 💗

    • Michelle Boule

      YES!! It’s a very pervasive program that is so freeing to undo. I love that you said “those are not my beliefs or values.” So important to discern that.❤️


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