A story to make you scream in a good way

by | Apr 8, 2022

Sometimes it’s just better to hear it from the horse’s mouth… ?


So I want to celebrate my client Kyle (he’s much cuter than those pics) who started working with me last summer in the Creative Success Accelerator Program and has since created an abundance of opportunities in his life.

What instigated all of this?

In Kyle’s words: I made the decision to grow.

In fact he literally screamed it out loud.

I love this story and the breakthroughs Kyle shares.

This is what Kyle (Dance Maker and Art Director) shared on our CSA Facebook group.

Hi all! I wanted to share a few thoughts/updates.

Recently, while “in the hot seat” during a session, the advice given was to simply make a choice. These are words I’ve heard from Michelle since I started CSA last summer, and every time I heard some form of that advice something would stir in me – I could tell there was something resonant there.

But, I remained feeling frustrated and stuck. I’d look around at my (perceived) lack of options and think, “I’d LOVE to make a choice if I HAD a choice to make!” What I wasn’t seeing was that the choice was right in front of me, it just wasn’t the choice I was looking for.

The decision I needed to make wasn’t about a job or an opportunity – the decision was this: am I ready to step into my next higher self or would I like to stay put where I’m at. That day, after my time in the hot seat, I turned off Zoom and basically yelled, “YES I AM READY TO MOVE INTO MY HIGHER SELF!!!”.

Since that day – that decision – the water has finally started flowing for me again. It’s like I was finally able to push the cork out of the wine bottle from the inside. I had no idea I’d outgrown my container! The water is flowing!

It’s been crazy – I got a new and exciting full-time job offer, was a finalist for a major grant that I’ve been working towards each year, negotiated more money on another project I’m taking on, made some exciting new choices in my personal sphere… all since that day I made the choice to grow.

Now there’s a whole new set of challenges and opportunities for growth to work through – and I’m so excited to tackle all of that. Thank you, Michelle Boulé! Grateful for this community.

Alrighty friend…what are you screaming out loud right now?

Is it frustration or a surrender to your higher power?

Remember, if Kyle can do it, so can you, and I’m happy to be a supporter on your team whenever you’re ready.

Tell me in the Comments below… what decisions are you making to move your life forward?

With love,

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