A Therapy Upgrade

by | Jun 21, 2019

A few weeks ago Willow ended her session with me by saying:

“This sh*t is better than therapy.“

It is so fun much to witness with awe, curiosity, and protective ferocity, the Power that moves through my clients when they consciously step into it (or get themselves out of the way).✨

I say protective ferocity because we are working with Life Energy itself.

It is sacred.

By witnessing this, I am moved.

In the same way that dancing moves me.

In the same way that creating moves me.

All it is is Energy and Movement.

And when it stops moving me, I’ll do something else or get even more curious. (But I think I’ll be on this path with you for a while.) ?✨

YOUR life is movement.

And I’m writing to remind you that you can choose to see that…

It is a blessing to be alive and truly *experience* movement every day, in whatever form it takes.

What moves you?
Where do you feel it?
Can you honor all that movement and give it space?

Go get it beauties.

And yes, yes, yes GO BIG! my upcoming online course on stepping into the life you desire will be announced very soon. I promise. Doing the prep work is making me dance at my desk, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

And if you want a personal reminder as soon as it launches, let us know!

Happy Summer Solstice for those of you on this side of the globe! ✨

I’m off to experience a Nordic Midsummer celebration with some beautiful beings in Sweden. ?

Sending BIG Love,

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