“And Yes” – An Easy Practice for Total Acceptance

by | May 17, 2020

We’re back! It’s Sunday!

And I’m super excited to talk about “And Yes,” a mantra I created in my teaching and dance practices some years ago.

“And Yes” is a tool that helps you accept exactly where you are and what you’re feeling, so you can

  1. Remove judgement.
  2. Take empowered action
  3. Continue past resistance

I share more about this mantra in the audio below that you can listen to while you’re lounging about, doing the dishes, taking a walk, or (one of my favorite times for audios) cooking!

So have a listen to learn about this practice that I love and continue to refine alongside my own personal evolution. Because, by the way…

Your personal evolution is your revolution!

Click to Hear More About "And Yes"

My update to “And Yes” (because as most of you know, I am an eternal, infinite student always) is to plant “And Yes” in a field of clear, heart-centered intention, so you can be Yes-ing all over yourself to move towards what you want.

So… do you want more? And hella Yes!

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Remember, when you commit, the universe commits back. And the universe is poised and beyond ready to give you what your powerful heart deeply desires. ?

And Yes, in Love,

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