Announcing a Monthly Master Series + A Free Audio Recording

by | Nov 21, 2019

My website has been updated ? and includes a fantastic FREE audio recording for you to “Realign Towards Your Dreams in 15 Minutes.”

Listen HERE

I’m also excited to invite anyone who has done group or one-on-one work with me in the past to Monthly Mastery Series, a program for ongoing, monthly support in your process of creating the life you desire.

I have truly loved doing this group work and am opening up the next cycle for new people to join.

Get more info on Monthly Mastery Series HERE, and check out the December special.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet and send you another email titled GRANOLA AND SALAMI in the next few days, which includes a story to help you shift your mindset towards self-compassion and life-goal clarity. Yup.

Stay tuned!

And please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime.

BIG love,

P.S. Do you need more support as we all dive into the holiday season? If so, check out Monthly Mastery Series. Happy Holidays to YOU!✨

If you’ve already done group or one-on-one work with me (even if it’s been 10 years), you have the opportunity to join me for a one-time December special in the Monthly Mastery Series.
Sign-up here!

What clients are saying:

“Being a part of the group was a really poignant part of the experience for me. Being seen is not easy, but I found it almost a faster access point to healing because it’s something that I avoid in my real life at times. Witnessing and holding space for others throughout the process was so rewarding! I learned so much from the other participants and the things they are going through. I would highly recommend this work with Michelle!!”

– Kayla Castellon, Dance Artist

“I love the group calls!  The focus of the group’s attention, watching people transform in front of my eyes and over time, and experiencing deep shifts in myself— is so special. Michelle’s work is a wonderful tool for accessing and healing the parts of oneself that are essential, that deeply inform a person’s life!”

– Joanne Hsieh – Acupuncturist & Artist – Brooklyn, NY

Have a sweet day and oh my goodness the gifts keep on giving…

If you need a tool to rebalance your brain and reduce your stress, Tap Out Your Cortices!✨

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