Are you good at saying NO?

by | Sep 30, 2022

A few years ago while I was teaching a dance workshop in Seattle, a woman was distressed by the mantra I was using in class: And Yes

We were using the mantra to acknowledge exactly where we were in any given moment–if our bodies felt good or bad, or if we were “stuck” in cycles of thinking, judgment or even celebration.

It’s a mantra to say YES to everything that is.

This woman had experienced things in her life that she felt she couldn’t say no to, that had caused her a lot of pain in her past, and she was confused that I was telling people to say And Yes.

So we spoke about it, and after some tears, she saw that the YES was a moment to acknowledge her own inner compass or guidance system in this present moment, and from that connection, she could make a grounded, self-loving, and embodied decision. She could say NO.

I’m a YES person. YES is an easy go-to for me. People-pleasing, helping out, and taking care of things “when other people wouldn’t” (do you know this feeling!?) have all definitely been in my repertoire.

Where has that led me? I’ve been in situations that I didn’t want to be in that felt pretty awful. I’ve been confused, exhausted, and indecisive. And I’ve also 100% been passive aggressive and codependent (full on confession!) because I didn’t know how to say no.


I really didn’t know how to say YES to who I am and what I want, which is crucial if you want your life to expand and transform.


So I’ve had to learn to say YES to me (and still work on it everyday!)… to listen to what I am feeling, intuiting, and knowing at any given moment. I’ve had to learn how to set clear and healthy BOUNDARIES.

I then discovered the place in myself that allows me to best connect to my loved ones, serve my students and clients, and find deep abundance and happiness.

There’s power in realizing that…

becoming selfish is what allows you to become self-less.

So, what if you tried saying “And Yes” to whatever situation you’re in? What if you let it give you the power to accept your current reality, along with what you’re feeling and thinking about it?

This can help you along the path of really knowing and claiming who you are so you can create the incredible life you desire..

In service and with love,

Working with Michelle shifted my heart and mind into a new way of thinking about myself and abundance. I jumped in and committed to changing my current reality, and transformation started to happen. I started seeing beauty and opportunities to grow. I took risks from a place of self-worth and intentionality to support a world of dance. The most important work that was done during my journey with Michelle was my attitude towards life and abundance. I am forever grateful to her and the CSA cohort. Sharing our stories, meditating, moving, and being together in this journey were extremely supportive in my growth.
Awilda Rodriguez, Founder – La Rosario Proyectos

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