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Are your relationships blocking your success?

by | Apr 29, 2022

I’ve witnessed many clients over the years who reach a crucial turning point in their ability to achieve the success and happiness they want…

~ They feel like their relationships don’t fit anymore. ~

This often feels terrifying.

Because it brings up our deepest fears, around losing love.

If you don’t know how to navigate through your growth — with your partner, kids, parents, team, or friends — you might sabotage all your progress towards reaching your dreams.

And the crazy thing is that you may not even realize you’re doing that!

But if you find yourself constantly back at square one, unable to break through what’s keeping you stuck, you might need to ask if your relationships are supporting you or holding you back from your incredible potential.

Do you want to look back and regret what you haven’t done with your precious life?!

If not, make sure you read these 3 tips to make sure your relationships are not distracting you from your greatness.

1 – Get radically honest about what you want. (Here’s the “inside job” question again!) If you’re not able to admit your own truth to yourself about what you TRULY want, how can you expect your partner, kids, friends, team, or anyone else in your life to be able to support you with that.

2 – Make sure you find friends and communities that can support you in what you truly want. Sometimes the friends and communities may not be local for you. I’ve seen so many clients (and myself included) reach new levels of success because of the people they surround themselves with, and they often don’t live in the same state or country!


Often a person only reaches success because of a conscious choice to surround themselves with people who are going for or have already achieved a similar level of growth and success.


3 – Set healthy boundaries because toxic is… toxic. If you’ve ever had any toxic or abusive relationships, you must learn how to consciously 1) identify that a relationship is toxic and 2) set appropriate boundaries.

Relationship toxicity is a dream killer. It can even be a sneaky toxic pattern, like codependency or people-pleasing, that you have to put an end to.

No shame or judgment! We all have ‘em!

But a happy, successful person learns how to let go of whatever is holding them back… with a tremendous amount of love.

And they experience the joy of living the life they truly want to live.

By the way, I’m not saying you have to pack your bags and end every relationship you have, but your growth automatically asks others to adapt, and not everyone is comfortable with that.

Navigating that transition allows you to grow into your emotional maturity and show up as the best, most authentically loving version of yourself.

What kind of relationships do you have in your life?

With love,

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