Can I take time off? I need a vacation!

by | Mar 4, 2022

This question came in from a client last month who wants to remain anonymous…

Michelle – I need more time! I want to take a real vacation (without my laptop), have time for reflection, and spend more quality time with my family. But there’s so much to do to keep up with my business. How do I take time off?

Great question!!

We all need downtime, and I’ve seen people (including myself) struggle when there’s a ton of work to be done for your big goal.

Your work and purpose in life are not meant to be a heavy burden.

But if you don’t know how to grow into your vision, that’s where problems start…

First, problems are not a bad thing.

Problems are an opportunity for you to grow. Period.

Second, you can’t grow beyond a certain point without leverage.

This applies to your business and your life.

You’ll reach a point, if you’re growing, where you can no longer do it alone.

This is often the scary part for a person.


You’re being called to grow into the person and leader who can hold your vision.


This is the next best version of YOU… your higher self coming into manifestation!

My growth of being able to 10x my income in just over a year only came from hiring the right people to help me navigate that growth… coaches, team members, and consultants.

Growth asked me to see the world in a totally new light.

Don’t get my wrong… I was scared to spend more money and take the next steps in front of me!

But I also didn’t want to stay stuck. Can you relate?

It was more important to let go of my limiting beliefs that were not letting me…

-have days off,
-create the money I wanted and then some, or
-surround myself with skilled team members who were thrilled to jump on board and help.

I had to learn this, because I had no idea how to do it, and when I started, I definitely wasn’t the person who could hold the expansiveness of my vision!

And I want this for you too.

If you look at people who’ve reached certain levels of success, what did they do?

1 – They paid the right people to come in and help… coaches, mentors, team members.
2 – They learned how to create the money they wanted (a priceless skill!!!!).
3 – They set clear boundaries with their time and stepped into higher leadership.
4 – They made sure they scheduled in non-negotiable downtime.

So yes, you can take time off! Please do! It’s crucial if you want to grow and live the life you truly desire..

And… make sure you learn how to leverage.

Which of the 4 things listed above can you start to do next? And where are you going for your next vacation? ?

Let me know in the Comments below.

With love,

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  1. Lisa Olivia

    Scheduling in downtime is something I need to do. I should say I get to do it!! Challenge is in knowing when do I want to have downtime…. I can be okay with taking a day off here and there. However, while I know those longer stretches like a week or two are super valuable, I really don’t know what I want to do with time off. Over the past couple of years it has always been about going to see family, which doesn’t feel like a vacation, though I love them dearly! Maybe I just need to book the time off randomly and trust that the timing will be right?

    • Michelle Boule

      Hey Lisa – What if you asked yourself what you would really *love* to do for a vacation and book that in very specifically? So… a bit more proactive approach that you get to organize your life around… rather than the energy I’m perceiving or “random – trust.” You’re the authority. 🙂


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