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by | Aug 6, 2022

I want to share something that can help you tremendously (like thunderously!! Hugely!! Beyond a doubt!! Ain’t no stopping you now!!) in creating more abundance in your life.

Abundance of what you’re asking?

Whatever your beautiful heart wants.

Love, freedom, travel, laughter, inspiration, money, opportunities, comfy white fashion sneakers that you love, or stools for your kitchen. (Yup, I’m manifesting new kicks and furniture this month so that’s what I’m focusing on!)

But truly, there’s something key here that you can put into practice this instant to start creating exactly what you want.

It’s SIMPLE, and you gotta do it ALL THE TIME.

Take one day and look at how many times the words “not enough” are running through your mind. Warning: you might be astounded.

You’re in the dressing room trying on a cute new outfit, and you think “I’m not skinny enough” or “I’m not curvy enough.”

You’re thinking about your new creative idea… and you think “I’m not interesting, original, talented enough” or “That’s too bold.”

You’re moving towards hiring a mentor to help you clarify and step into the next level of your vision, and you think “I don’t have enough money” or “I can do it on my own.”

These are all symptoms of thinking YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH.

This teaching is something that I tattooed onto my brain some years ago, with the help of my teachers, and it changed everything.

I had to stop saying “I don’t have enough… time, money, skill, talent, help, beauty, etc.” because it was all reinforcing deep down that I was not enough… that I was not worthy of the experiences and things that I wanted.

Yikes! I wanted to change that fast so I listened to the guidance from my mentors and learned to catch every thought that was a reflection of “I’m not enough.” Or “I’m not worthy of…”

Money was a huge challenge for me because I was taught to save, save, save and not spend unless I had the money here in hand ready to pay in full, in cash.

Now, I’m a huge fan of strategic spending, but I had to get over my money fears which were keeping me stuck right where I was… not taking the leaps of faith required for growth. (I had to learn a new mindset around strategically spending.)

It’s the sneakiest thinking to change because we’re so conditioned to save, be safe, and not be too bold. And we think we’re being “smart” but we’re actually limiting ourselves.


The truth is that the rules for growth and expansion are not the same as the rules for scarcity and limitation.


So, whenever you’re in scarcity or limitation, you’re not expanding or growing. It’s as simple as that!! That’s all you need to change.

A little scary? YES!

Totally worth it! YES YES YES!!!

Look at how you’re thinking about abundance in your life every day, every moment.

If you truly want to create something significant, memorable, and worthy of whatever “legacy” is important to you, you must start from I AM ENOUGH and I HAVE ENOUGH.

And then you must take action that is 100% aligned with that thinking.

When you change that, everything changes!

With love,

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