Do you know your “Human Design”?

by | Apr 13, 2023

Picture this…
You trust yourself fully.
You always know your next best step to have what you want in life.
You have a deep understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.
You live in joy and freedom.
Your decision making is easy breezy.

That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Is it possible? YES! Will you feel it 100% of the time? Probably not.?

But you can get better and better at living in trust and feeling your full authority. One of the many tools I’ve used over the past decades to improve my self-trust and confidence is Human Design.

It’s actually a recent addition to my toolbox, and I feel blessed to have an incredible practitioner in my life named Robin Winn.

Robin is the real deal… with tons of rich experience in meditation, spirituality, bodywork, and healing (including studying with Byron Katie in her home before Byron Katie became the huge teacher she is today)!

Robin is now part of my “coaching team”, and every time I work with her personally or sit in on a session she does with one of my private clients, I witness and feel the powerful transmission of information she taps into.

So I want to share Robin with all of you!

I’ll be interviewing Robin this Tuesday, April 18th at 12:30pm EST. (We’ll also have time for Q&A.)

You can join us by clicking here.

Robin and Human Design work have made a huge difference in my life… I have so much more clarity about my professional life (especially with decision-making!) and even more love in my relationships.

This is the only email we’ll be sending about this, so please say YES if it piques your interest.

We won’t be publicly sharing a replay of this, but you can access the recording as a member of The Brilliant Creatives Community, which also gives you monthly group meetings with me and a truly beautiful community, plus dozens of meditation, movement practices, and Q&As to listen to.

In honor of your brilliant design and everything you’re here to create and experience…

See you on Tuesday!

What’s coming up…
Spring is springing! Join me for any or all of these events.

April 18 – 12:30pm EST
Interview plus Q&A with Human Design Coach and master teacher Robin Winn. Learn more about “your unique design” and how to use it in your personal or professional life. Get the Zoom link here.

April 25
DANCE! I’m performing in NYC at the Danspace Gala, with an incredible lineup of artists, including Meredith Monk, Eiko Otake, Miguel Gutierrez & SADONNA, and more. Grab your tickets here.

April 27 – 12pm EST
Permission to be ProsperousA FREE Workshop where you’ll learn how to escape the self-doubt cycle, build new habits for success, and finally create your true prosperity and fulfill your creative soul. Plus, we’re doing some BONUS giveaways! Click here to claim your spot.

May 19-20
Healing Your Money Story 2-Day Virtual Retreat – Much more than just mindset training, this power-packed retreat will give you a transformational energy healing container and practical ways to help you ~embody and experience~ a new level of abundance throughout your entire being, so you can start seeing it show up in your life. Save your spot (with Early Bird pricing) here!

June 9  – July 14
The Brilliant CreativeIn this 5-week program, we’ll take a deep dive into spiritual prosperity, where LOVE is the REAL economy and your authentic brilliance is the catalyst for experiencing this paradigm. Join the waitlist here.

The Brilliant Creatives Community A monthly group program that’s designed to boost your confidence and consistency in reaching your goals, with my ongoing support and a growing community of like-minded, brilliant creatives. Claim your membership here.

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