Feel like a fake? 3 ways to deal with imposter syndrome!

by | May 29, 2021

I hear from so many people who think they’re not good enough, they’ll be found out, and they have this thought running through their heads…

“Who am I to… [fill in the blank]?”

If you believe these thoughts, guess what?

The dreams running through your heart get shut down and never happen.

And when I ask the creatives I support how that would feel, their words are usually, “disappointing, sad, devastating.”

So let’s turn this around so you don’t get trapped by “imposter syndrome.”

First, I deal with it too.

But here’s one of the many amazing things dancing professionally taught me…

If I was practicing a difficult movement, it served no purpose at all to figure out how it wouldn’t work.

I would do the movement over and over and over while…


I only kept my focus on how it would  work.


How does this relate to you and imposter syndrome?

Here are 3 tips to say ba-bye to feeling like a fake so you can bring your dreams to life today!

1 – Practice mental hygiene. What you tell yourself is more important than you realize. Every thought you plant in your beautiful mind grows. It doesn’t matter if it’s productive or destructive. Learn to become super conscious of what you’re thinking and create a tactic to replace the negative thoughts instantly with the thought that takes you closer to your dream. The tactic can be a simple hand gesture you do as soon as you witness the thought. Then have your positive thought at the ready and plant it in. Repeat!

2 – Remember, there will always be someone better than you and someone worse than you. It’s the Law of Relativity. You don’t know a box is smaller or bigger than another box until you put another box next to it. But if you use comparison to think you’re not ready or capable, you’re using your incredible creative mind to stop you rather than bring your dreams to life. There’s power in “just do you!”

3 – You don’t need more… degrees, certificates, accolades, or initials #distractions to start doing what you want to do. I say this because I often hear people thinking that maybe they should go back to school or get another certification in something. Sometimes that’s true. However, you need to discern if this is coming from inspiration and desire or  fear and insecurity. You might just be avoiding the thing you can already do today that will move your vision forward…telling people about your work and services, setting up non-negotiable time in your calendar to work on a goal, or hiring someone to help you.


Finally,  focus only on how your dream will work.


What if you take one of these tips today and put it into action? Which one makes the most sense to you? How do you deal with imposter syndrome? Let me know in the Comments below!

With love,

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