Find your freedom by breaking the rules

by | Mar 9, 2021

Were you a rule breaker or a good student?

Following the rules is a good thing. It creates order and discipline.

But when those rules are not in alignment with your higher truth, it’s time to break them.

And this is S C A R Y for so many people.

Translation: ☠️ ❌

Because the “rules” are connected to what you think is keeping you safe.

But your rules could be keeping you small, unfulfilled, and frustrated.

Your true safety comes from knowing who you are, claiming that unapologetically in this world, and building your life from that truth.

Not from the rules of what everyone else expects of you.

Once you break those rules, you find your freedom.

Join me Thursday for “Break the Rules. Love Yourself” and we will get to the bottom of this!

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Plus, I’ll do a short energy balancing session at the end for one lucky attendee, so make sure you can be there live.

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