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Granola and Salami + A New Course & Podcast

by | Nov 22, 2019

A couple weeks ago, I finished teaching what felt like an intense Deep Dive week at P.A.R.T.S., the school associated with the dance company ROSAS in Brussels, Belgium.

Jet lag was still hitting hard, after a quick 5-day drop into NYC from Stockholm and then back to Brussels, and I was breathing a sigh of relief that I made it through the week.

So I finished teaching class, b-lined to the amazing organic food store (that has NO PLASTICS! Zilch, nada, zero, 000), bought some beautiful fruits and veggies, came home and did a client call, and then for my incredible end of the week dinner I ate:



In the past, I would have turned that into a cruise through “I’m A Failure City” that would sound something like this:

—> I have a horrible diet.
—> I have no self-control.
—> When will I ever have the guiltless diet that looks like so and so’s Instagram feed!?

→ ???

But this time I choose to NOT make it mean anything about myself.

And hold up wait, I switched it to a positive.?

I saw it as funny.

Granola and salami.

Kind of gross, kind of enjoyable, and definitely something to laugh about.

Now, if I had set up a goal to have a grain-free, vegan diet that looked like so and so’s Instagram feed, I definitely would have not met that goal and broken my performance towards it.

However, that was not a goal on my vision board!

What’s important to notice is that many of us do this. 

You hear a voice in your head that wants to take any opportunity to make you feel like a failure.

You ate potato chips for dinner?! —> You can never accomplish your dreams!
You didn’t run 5 miles today?! —> You will always be a lazy slob!
You didn’t call your mom?! —> You don’t think about anyone but yourself!*

(*We’ll talk more about that one more later.) ?

I’m not trying to give you a back door exit on your greatest dreams, but rather a chance to:
            1. Be compassionate towards yourself


            2. GET SPECIFIC about what you *really* want, and take clear steps towards that.

Create the dream life you want one goal and one step at a time.

Then keep it manageable, so you can watch yourself succeed.

Remember that in some situations granola and salami is just GRANOLA AND SALAMI.

Then look at how much more compassion you just gave to yourself and the world, in addition to a surplus of energy to really focus on your most important desires.

If you want support with defining and reaching your life goals, I am here to support you in making sure your dreams happen. Send us an email

I’ve been so excited about the new tools I’ve brought into my work, in addition to 12 years of Energy Medicine studies, to help people successfully manifest their dreams.

And I have some great new offerings!!

1) Download my free audio “Realign Towards Your Dreams in 15 Minutes!”

2) If you’re returning to my work, jump in on this opportunity for some intimate group coaching and healing work through Monthly Mastery Series. More info below.

Be in touch with any questions! We’re here to support you.

Here’s to stepping into the life you desire.


P.S. Are you needing a little extra support for the upcoming holidays? Sign up for Monthly Mastery Series HERE.?

If you’ve already done group or one-on-one work with me,
I invite you to join me for a one-time December special
in the Monthly Mastery Series.
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What clients are saying:

“Being a part of the group was a really poignant part of the experience for me. Being seen is not easy, but I found it almost a faster access point to healing because it’s something that I avoid in my real life at times. Witnessing and holding space for others throughout the process was so rewarding! I learned so much from the other participants and the things they are going through. I would highly recommend this work with Michelle!!”

– Kayla Castellon, Dance Artist

Hanging with some of my PARTS students at the end of our two weeks together exploring creative practice.???

Who loves a podcast? ⚡️?⚡️

I was honored to be the first guest on Yackez’s Life Advice Podcast.

We had such a great chat that they (Larissa and Jon) turned into a 2-part episode.

Check out Part 1 and Part 2!⚡️

Also, please also make a donation to Larissa’s Stem Cell Transplant gofundme campaign so she can get back to sharing her amazing creativity, spirit and art.

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