Here’s the most powerful skill you can learn!

by | Dec 4, 2021

When a brilliant person tells me, I can’t invest in business coaching right now because it’s not tangible or practical, I want to run in and help turn that thinking around!

If you have a big dream for your life and business, the most powerful and practical skill you can learn is…


Of course, you can and must refine the skills of your craft, whatever those may be.

But if you never learn how to make money doing the work you love, you may end up “just getting by” for the rest of your life.

That’s why there are brilliant people with amazing ideas who have no money and no tangible manifestation of those ideas in the world in their lifetimes.

We seem to be trained to not see that money is what actually brings ideas into physical form.

And all the negative associations around money don’t help with this.

When you learn how to make money in a way that is aligned with your values, spiritual beliefs, and the life you want, YOU create a win-win for the world.

Here are 3 crucial tips you must know if you want to bring money into your life in an aligned way that supports your dreams and goals.

1 – Your creative brilliance is not the same as how you run the business that supports your brilliance.

In fact sometimes it gets in the way! (I know from experience, my own and my clients!!)

Learn how to separate the two, pronto.

2 – Start developing your money making skills ASAP.

This includes:

-learning how to sell
-learning how to work with investors and donors
-learning how to influence

These things only happen as you:

-learn how to build your self-worth and confidence.

I too thought sales was only for crooked car salesmen, but after studying and teaching it to my clients, I now see that sales will ask a person to grow in ways they hadn’t imagined.

3 – The discipline and acumen you must develop to make money will enhance your creative skills, rather than take away from them.

Discipline is key to having the freedom you want in your life.

This may run counter to your beautiful, creative, go-with-the-flow brain, but you’ll eventually learn that…


discipline and freedom go together like bread and butter.


Or quinoa and olive oil (if you’re gluten free)
Or meat and potatoes (if you’re paleo)
Or rice and beans (if…

Ahhhh! Creativity taking me off track and off topic!!!

So get to it! Start investing in your dreams now in the most practical way possible…

…so that your next days, weeks, and months lead you towards actually manifesting the brilliance you’re here to share!

Let me know how this lands for you in the Comments below. Which of the 3 tips gives you the most food for thought (and action)?

In service and with love,

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  1. Hadar Ahuvia

    “I too thought sales was only for crooked car salesmen, but after studying and teaching it to my clients, I now see that sales will ask a person to grow in ways they hadn’t imagined.”

    I’ve been thinking glamour this since CCMP mini-series-
    My dad was one of those crooked salesmen – cars (new and used) timeshare (yuck) , a variety of gadgets, in retrospect I admire his persistence- and I know my resentment of his work, and seeing him fail, seeing him try get rich quick schemes that I had to complete for him in English- that he still is unstable running from week to week from card to card- that this is blocking me
    Thanks for making bringing this to my awareness again in a new way.

    My dad believed/s he was the best at what he does, and many times he was- best salesman of the month – I may disagree with his overworking, the things he chose to sell, etc lol
    But he did model something about salesmanship just now able to see that I can be grateful for!

    Thanks for helping me see this

    • Michelle Boule

      Wow, thanks for sharing this. I hear the charge and negativity you experienced around this, and it’s amazing that you’re doing your work to heal this and and see the gifts in those past experiences. Super amazing. This opens so much up for you. Gratitude, faith, expansion. 🙂


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