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Here’s the only place you’ll grow

by | Mar 27, 2021

Every person that works with me knows they want something more.

They may not always be able to name it, but generally it’s…

more peace, happiness, love, and fulfillment in their life, career, relationships, or health.

It’s my job to help you grow into this. It’s 100% a growth process.

And there’s only one way to get there, which most people resist.

If you want your life to change and grow, you have to get comfortable with this…

You must learn how to step into the unknown.

People often stop when their minds say
what if I do it wrong
what if it doesn’t work
what if I screw up again
what if I waste my time and money

And they stop themselves from doing the exact thing that is going to move them forward.


I want you to know that your past is no indication of what’s possible in your future.


But if you keep looking at your known past, you’re limiting how high you can fly!

What’s your next step?

Take action. You won’t know until you try. It’s that simple.

You only gain wisdom, the sign of real change, through experience… not thinking it through to the most minute detail you can imagine.

In fact, it’s impossible to know what will happen from your current state of mind, which is limited.

It only recognizes what you know. So it can only create more of the same, what you already know.


If you want to have more in life, you must step into the unknown.
Do your research, get advice from trusted people, listen to your heart and inner voice, and take the necessary leap of faith to allow your life to bloom!


If you want my support, I want to make sure you don’t miss this one-time only opportunity to join me in-person at Receive, Renew, Re-Create, happening July 1-6, 2021.

You’ll have my personal support through coaching, movement, energy healing, and meditation practices, on the healing land of Dancing Spirit Ranch.

——–> Apply for your spot here!

It will be a deeply restorative and transformational journey!

With love,

P.S. Here are three ways to work with me when you’re ready!

1) Be part of the small group of compassionate creatives, committed to transforming their lives and stepping into their dreams, in Receive, Renew, Re-Create, July 1-6, 2021. You’ll discover who you truly are and learn how to receive all the gifts the universe wants to send your way. You’ll work directly with me through private and group coaching, movement, meditation, and energy healing. This is the only in-person retreat I’m doing this year. Get more info and apply HERE.

2) Join the beautiful Meditate-Move-Heal community and jump start your vision TODAY. We meet Live online 4x per month to activate your goals by getting your body, mind, heart, and spirit fully on board. Plus you get access to a Video Library of teachings, meditations, and movement sessions to support your process daily. Sign up HERE.

2) Work with me PRIVATELY if you want my full support to get past the fear and frustration of “how to make it happen” so you can confidently create the life you desire TODAY, I have 2 spots opening up for private coaching. Fill out this application and let’s talk. If you can’t find a time on the calendar, please reply to this email so we can connect and support you!

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