Here’s When I Got Desperate

by | Apr 24, 2021

I want to share a personal story about a huge turning point that changed my life dramatically.

If you’re feeling stuck, exhausted, or frustrated, I hope it inspires and reminds you that your beautiful dreams are possible.

(This story is also why I created Receive, Renew, Re-Create, my only in-person retreat happening July 1-6, 2021.)

A few years ago, I clearly saw that if I didn’t change my life, I’d get sick.

My life felt good, but when I got 100% honest, I realized I wasn’t truly happy in my relationships, didn’t know how to ask for what I wanted (which made me quietly resentful and passive agressive), and I was frustrated, insecure, and ashamed of my body.

I felt there was more I wanted in life, but I was stuck because I wasn’t making enough money, was TIRED from constantly “doing,” and my nervous system was fried.


I had to take a leap of faith.


I packed a suitcase, left my home in New York City and took a trip to Southeast Asia where I moved my body, barely put my shoes on for 5 weeks, touched the earth regularly, ate and slept well, and started to make major decisions that changed the direction of my life.

My boat ride in Bali

Soon after, I invested more money than I ever had to work with a life coach (I wasn’t going to dabble anymore), so I could learn where I wasn’t loving and honoring myself fully, and within that year I…

More than tripled my income
Left my home of 21 years
Began saying yes to what I really wanted and no to what I didn’t want
Learned how to think in a completely different way
Started studying spiritual prosperity
Revamped my business to help more people than ever


Stepping away from home and my normal routines to take time to listen deeply with nature and movement, taught me how to connect with my true self.


And the deeper I went in investing and taking care of myself, the greater the return.

Since then I’ve been creating my life from the fullest expression of who I am. I’ve made new friends, expressed myself more freely, studied with amazing teachers, and made more money than I ever have in my life.

All this is to say… if your life isn’t showing up the way you want, you can change it!

One of the greatest things you can learn is how powerful you truly are, as the creator of your life.

There’s more possible than you’ve imagined, and you can give yourself the journey needed to remove the limits from your life.

Because the limits are not your Truth, but we’re not taught to live, think, and create in a way that honors our power.


Once you learn how to truly know and listen to yourself, and to think and act from your Truth, you can create what you want in your life!


Receive, Renew, Re-Create is designed to help you do this, with my guidance, so you have someone mirroring your greatest potential back to you.

It’s not your usual “let’s get out of town and do some yoga” retreat (… also amazing).

This is a 5-day transformational retreat, taking place over a 7-week period.

In mid-June you’ll do a private call with me. The we’ll meet in person for  5 days, and you’ll have two online group support sessions post-retreat to keep the work going.

——–> Make sure you grab your spot today!

Once you’ve done that, try this practice.

“Tune into Your Potential” Practice (5-20min)

Take time everyday to listen for one week. Sit in silence or move your body, while deeply listening to your impulses, breath, emotions. Starting with 5-10 minutes or even 1 high-quality minute is a start and you can add time as you go. Use the intention that you’re creating space to hear your Truth, Innate Wisdom, Highest Self.

Gently ask yourself: “What if I removed the limits from my life?” “What if I allowed myself to expand into my potential?” “What would this make possible?” Listen.

You’ll probably hit resistance…fear, doubt, and worry… but stay present and calmly plant the seed of possibility in your awareness. Tend to it daily and watch it grow. You’ll start to build the neural pathways needed to bring new possibilities into your life.

Write down any reflections once you’re done.


Let me know how it goes in the Comments below. (Remember, you have to do it consistently!) You’ll be doing this deeply with me at the retreat.

If you’re ready now to jump on a call to talk to me about Receive, Renew, Re-Create, click here!

With love,

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