How I got the handsome man to talk to me… 😉

by | Jun 3, 2022

Is intuition one of your super tools for manifesting what you want in life?

If not, I highly recommend you add it to your toolbox!

It’s that feeling of “when you know, you know.”

You don’t need to explain your knowing with reason or rational thinking.

In fact, that often confuses you, which will get you nowhere fast.

Here’s an example of intuition in action that brightened my day many years ago…

I was walking to the farmer’s market in Brooklyn, NY to drop off my compost while talking on the phone with my sister.

This was my regular Saturday morning routine, whenever I wasn’t on tour dancing.

As I got closer to the compost bin, I saw this attractive man standing there, and immediately said to my sis, “Let me call you back. Something’s about to happen.”

I walked up to the bin, and the man looked up at me and said, “are you Michelle Boulé?”

“Yes, why?”

“You’re my favorite dancer…”

He proceeded to tell me that he’d been following my work for years and trying to see every performance I’d done.

BTW, it wasn’t creepy. It was just warm and appreciative, and brought a smile to my face.

Strengthening your intuition can improve your decision-making and fill your life with more synchronicities, smiles, and smooth sailing.

It’s so important to develop it, especially if you want to manifest great things or creatively transform your life.

So here are my 3 favorite way to do just that!

1 – Move! Get out of your head and into your body. Your body is a super-perceiver. It’s designed to function at its optimum, and it constantly takes in stimulus from your environment, way beyond what your intellect can perceive.

Learn to tune into your body through movement practices that encourage you to listen and be present. This is exactly what I help you do in my Moving with Innate Wisdom Practice, which we do twice a month in the Creative Success Accelerator Program.

2 – Use energy medicine. Science shows that we are 99.99999% energy and 0.00001% matter, so doesn’t it make sense that we should be paying more attention to our energy?

For 15 years, I’ve practiced the BodyTalk System with my clients, an energy and consciousness based healing system that tunes you into the wisdom (or knowing) of your body. I’ve seen people have immediate physical and mental-emotional transformations, as they connect to more harmony, joy, and order in their lives.

There are so many energy modalities out there. Check ‘em out and try a few! Or ask me a question if you want some guidance.

3 – Meditate. “To know oneself” is one translation of the word meditate. The importance of this practice is that you develop the power to direct your attention more consciously, instead of just running the automatic programs of your subconscious mind.

This gives you a sense of spaciousness in your life, as you reprogram the part of you that just immediately reacts to everything. You start to “notice more” and make powerful changes in your life because you tune into your greatest power…your power to choose.

There are so many ways to work with these three tools, and I suggest that you experiment with them and find what suits you best.

And of course, I’m not going to pass up the chance to invite you into the Creative Success Accelerator Program, where you’ll meet with me 4x per month Live, to use a combination of all these different tools.

It’s one of my favorite programs, and the results I hear from people who show up fully month after month, always warms my heart.

And guess what this month’s theme is? Yup, intuition!

If you have any questions about the program, please send me an email and ask. I’m happy to respond.

With love,

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