How listening to someone else supports YOU + MMS Registration is open!

by | Mar 4, 2020

Listening to someone else’s story is an act of creativity, which is an act of LOVE.✨

When you take your hands off the wheel (meaning not control a situation) and just listen to someone else, you are able to connect to the depth within yourself, to step into the life-enhancing flow of creativity.

Truly listening is a connecter. It is a healer. It is a channel and tool for creative expression.

Please watch this video, which was inspired by my last Monthly Mastery Series session.

? The April-June Series is now open for registration? 

Thank you to everyone who has shared with me and taught me how to listen better. Thank you to everyone who has told me to slow down so I can *listen* better.

Life is really an experiment, and there is so much wisdom and beauty coursing through the people that surround us.

Why not pay attention to all of this as deeply as possible?

Of course this applies 100% to listening to all that is flowing through you.

It is all data and information, and I believe we are here to all contribute to creating the most diverse and abundant expressions of “life in support of more life” when we:

* take in this data
* listen
* and let our unique “responses” and creative contributions have space in this world.

Here’s to your abundant, creative expressions of love.

In service,

✨ Registration is now open for MMS April-June! ✨

If you can’t make the calls live, you will have access to the Course Page with Videos, Audios, and Action Steps for 6 months past the final session.

Please be in touch if you have any questions.

We’re here to support you in creating the life you desire!

What clients are saying: 

I’ve experienced so many breakthroughs after working with Michelle. My relationships with people in my life have deepened SO much. I have started to feel more connected to my intuition and the part of myself that is radiant and beautiful and has so much energy and love to give the world. I am realizing how exhausting it is to constantly be trying to control things and micromanage my life and put my energy in boxes. During the last week I have experienced more love and more depth INTO the feeling of love than I can ever remember experiencing. It is like dipping my toes into the power I have to offer this world and myself. Thank you Michelle!

– Prairie M.L. Johnson – Sioux Falls, SD

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