How loving what I hated changed my life

by | Jun 12, 2021

If you’re trying to bring your business to the next level, success comes from learning to embrace things you don’t necessarily love…

In my early 20’s, I spent a lot of time filing paperwork in an office and shopping for my boss’s lunch.

It wasn’t my idea of a dream New York City life.

I complained about sitting in an office all day because I knew I was a good dancer and no one was hiring me.

A dear friend gave me some advice, and I turned the situation around entirely.

At first it looked a little like this:

Then before I knew it, I had more dance gigs than I could say yes to.

Within a few years, I also launched my energy healing practice. No more offices for me!


If you’re an entrepreneur or small-business owner, you have to learn how to deal with things you don’t like to do.


This will make or break your success.

And sometimes the solutions are easier than you think.

My friend essentially told me that spending time in that energy of complaining would just give me more to complain about.

So I shifted gears and started LOVING my office work.

Picture me smiling and waltzing across the 17th Street office in New York City, with my old school CD walkman, as I organized those filing cabinets like a QUEEN!

I got four dance offers within a few months, and I didn’t change anything except my ATTITUDE!


I was the only thing standing in my way.


I still use this advice today to coach my clients and run my own successful coaching business.

There are plenty of things I’ve had to learn to love as my business grows… sales, copywriting, marketing, data analysis… to name a few.

My business didn’t run like a breeze from the get-go.

If you’re trying to bring your business to the next level, success comes from learning to embrace things you don’t necessarily love.

Success comes from doing things that scare you.

The beauty is that your business will ask you to grow and  become the person who can manifest your incredible vision.

When you change your attitude and get yourself out of the way, you bring an entirely different energy to your work.


The effect is that you’ll have more fun AND get entirely different results.


What’s one thing you know you need to do that will take your vision or dream business to the next level? What if you tried doing that thing (not just hoping or dreaming) with an entirely different attitude for one week to see how a new attitude can create new results? 

Let me know your thoughts or results in the Comments below!

Here’s to manifesting the life and business you love.

In service and love,


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