How my client 94x his income

by | Jun 25, 2021

This statistic may sound whack-a-doodle, and when I did the math I thought the same.

But I brought in an expert (my calculator) and it’s true.

Ian LOVES food, and when we spoke in January, he was about to give up on his dream of being an amazing chef.

In all honesty, I saw him tiptoeing around his success and avoiding going all in.

He did Meditate-Move-Heal for a few months last year, and he timidly asked me for a discount when I announced my Creative People Making Money Course (back again in 2022).

And I was like “NO, NO, NO Mr. Amazing. I’m not going to hold you to less than what I know you’re fully capable of.”

So Ian invested in himself and committed to that 10-week program.

Then he committed to my small group coaching program.

Four months later, he turned his $80 January cooking income to more than $7500 in May.

He manifested an amazing private cooking client, and created a Pasta Pop-Up dinner, which he sells out every time. (I drove 3 hours to go, and it was YUM-mazing!)


Now, he’s living the dream he nearly let go of, and I know he’s just getting started.


What’s important here?

1 – I didn’t see Ian as less than capable of his full genius. (No discounts on his investment gave him the pressure to rise up!)

2 – He committed, again and again… and again. When he could have quit, he said YES to continuing instead.

3 – He became the person who could manifest this vision. #personalgrowth is key to success!

4 – His business gives culinary satisfaction to his customers, jobs to his staff, and money to his local food vendors.

5 – He spends his days doing what he loves.



No matter where you are in your business, if you have a vision that you COMMIT to strategically and repeatedly, you can bring it to life.


The results you desire… hitting a 6-figure year or a 6-figure month doing what you love… are here.

And here are three ways you can start!

1 – My July 1-6 retreat Receive, Renew, Re-Create sold out, but we had one spot open up last minute due to travel restrictions!! If you want to boost your confidence, creativity, joy, and success in your life and business AND work with me in-person this year, respond to this email ASAP! This private, small-group retreat won’t be happening this way again.??

2 – Can’t fly to Montana? ? You can still transform your life and business with my support today by signing up for Meditate-Move-Heal. Our next live meeting happens this Wednesday.?

3 – Finally, if you want my highest full-time attention, so you can make more money and spend your time doing what you love, apply for private coaching here.

In celebration of the fullest expression of YOU!


P.S. Here’s Ian’s site, Cellar Door Cooking, where you can check out all the beauty he’s bringing into the world.

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