How to get rid of negative self-talk!?

by | Sep 3, 2021

If you want to…

bring your business to the next level,
have more time in your life, and
feel deeper connections with the people you love…

you gotta learn how to get rid of the negative self talk!

You know, those voices that say you’re not good enough to do this, you don’t need that, you’re too much, you’re not smart enough…

GAH! Enough already!

Here are three simple steps you can take today to turn negative self-talk around and put some new voices in your beautiful mind.

1 – Think of someone else you love: Sometimes it’s easier to think about someone else you love and how you’d want to talk to them.

I shared a story about this in my last What Up Wednesday on Self-Love… I was lying on a massage table with a bunch of acupuncture needles in my gall bladder meridian (for those of you who want to nerd out with me on Traditional Chinese Medicine?)

I started thinking about the card I wanted to send to a dear friend to wish him an awesome September, and I suddenly realized that I needed to send that card and a lot more love to myself.


It sounds simple, but you hear these same simple truths on different levels as you continue to grow.


Every time you think of a loved one, take a moment to send some of that love to yourself too!

2 – Put it into words: What words would you say to someone you love and can you say those words out loud to yourself?

Right now, place your hand on your heart, say those loving words out loud, take a couple deep breaths, and feel the words in every particle of your being!

3 – Write yourself a letter: If you want to take 10-15 minutes to go the extra mile, grab your favorite pen and paper and write an encouraging, loving letter to yourself.

Find a post office box, drop it in there, and know that you’ll be getting some beautiful encouragement in the next few days. Who doesn’t love snail mail!?!

And remember this…


Negative self-talk is something you learned. It has nothing to do with the Truth of who you are!


I’ll be sharing something really special about boosting your self-love to the next level soon.

Stay tuned and make sure you’re checking your inbox for messages from me over the next week.

Your business, loved ones, clients, and highest self will be happy!

In service and love,

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