How to Kick Doubt to the Curb!

by | Oct 22, 2020

You won’t learn any new dance moves, but you’ll learn how to do a metaphoric kick-ball-change when doubt shows up and redirect your mind and body towards confidence, creativity, and a lot more fun.

Join me this Saturday for my final Live presentation at The Embodiment Conference:

Mastering Confidence, Consistency, and Creativity to Get the Results You Want

This means success in your business, creative projects, and even your relationships.

You’ll see how doubt, procrastination, indecision, and “what if I do it wrong?” kill growth in your life.

And! You’ll learn how to organize and empower your mind to overcome these barriers.

I’ll also guide you through my “Moving with Innate Wisdom” practice to embody your new insights. #solid

Saturday, October 24 at 11am EST / 5pm CEST / 8am PST

Sign up for free access HERE.

If you can’t make it live, the presentation stays online at The Embodiment Conference for 48 hours.

Make sure you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, and check out the full video post above where I talk about how you can do what you want and still treat everyone with love.

In service and love,

P.S. Pro tip! Add to your address book, so you get these incredible messages. I’ll be sharing about a free November webinar soon, and a super duper end-of-year program in December to make sure you can end this year on a high note. Stay tuned.✨

What else is happening?

My Keynote presentation “Moving with Innate Wisdom: What You Need is Already Here” will be on The Embodiment Conference Keynote stage forever, after last week’s snafu. You can find it HERE. I’ve loved receiving all of your beautiful feedback. Thank you! Please share the presentation link with a friend.

I also did a second presentation of that practice yesterday Oct 21 at 3pm PST if you want to watch that replay before it goes down on Friday afternoon.

Mastering Confidence, Consistency, and Creativity to Get the Results You Want
On the Leadership and Business Channel The Embodiment Conference
Saturday, October 24 – 11AM EST / 8AM PST / 5PM CEST

Panel: Everyone is a dancer. Everyone is a creator.
On the Dance & Creativity Channel at The Embodiment Conference
Sunday, October 25 – 10AM EST / 7AM PST / 4PM CEST

Sign up for access to the conference HERE.

What’s it like to work with me?✨

“In a moment of complete distress, I can send Michelle a text and she can turn the situation around in a 2 minute voice memo reply. That’s what I call amazing coaching. Her work is so direct and profound and has guided me towards better places in my life. If you’re considering hiring someone to get to the heart of your issues and help you create possibility, grace, and ease in your life, do not hesitate to work with her!”
Lindsay C. – Hudson Valley, NY

How to do more work with me?

This monthly program is a powerful multi-dimensional approach you can take towards creating the life you desire. We meet 4x every month for the core MMH Session, a Coaching Q&A, and a Bonus Movement and Bonus Meditation Session…all recorded and stored on the Course Page, in case you can’t make it live. If you’re new to my work, it’s a wonderful introduction to the heart of what I do. Sign up HERE.

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Master the patterns, mindset, and behaviors to help you thrive. This 3-month intimate group program gives you direct 1:1 work with me
1x per month plus a private 30 minute call in the final month.
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Private Coaching + Healing
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