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by | Nov 20, 2021

This question comes from a successful but struggling business owner who wants to remain anonymous…

I’m running my business and it’s going well, but I want to make more money. The problem is that by the time I do everything to keep my business running (and spend time with my family), I’m completely burnt out and don’t have recovery time before I start working again the next week. It’s starting to affect how I show up every week, even with my kids. But I can’t see how to make more money at this point. How can I get beyond this?
Thank you!

Here’s the honest truth about how I reached any level of success in my current business or in my career as a professional dancer.

(This is true for any person who creates success in their life.)

I never did it alone.

If you want your business to grow, believing that you need to do it on your own might actually mean you go out of business.

But it’s possible to turn this around if you understand this simple truth….


Growth is always about leverage.


There’s only so much one person can do on their own until their business reaches a point of diminishing return.

This is when the business starts to move backwards, and you’re losing time, money, clients… and even your health and relationships can suffer.

To stay away from that dangerous slope, you must leverage time, money, or information.

I had to learn that it was okay to hire coaches and team members to help me and my business grow, even if I didn’t yet know how I was going to make that money back yet.

Their expertise and experience gave me the leverage to move forward (and side note…let go of control.?)

All their help allowed me to become the person I needed to be as a leader, higher-income earner, and bigger presence through my work.


Until you let go of the narrative that you have to work harder and do it on your own, you won’t open up to the opportunities that create that leverage.


Running a business is not about championing through as the warrior on your own. There is no gold medal for showing up beat, panicked, and exhausted at the end or start of your work day.

This is about creating a solid business that supports YOU and all the people you’re here to serve, so you can show up in your brilliance.

In service and with love,

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