How to not feel bad about feeling good

by | Jan 19, 2021

I get this question a lot…

How can I feel good when so many people are suffering?

This question can guide you away from the joy and success that is your birthright, so it’s crucial that you reframe it.

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For now, let’s start with this…

If you really look at the truth of that question, it comes from guilt and shame.

Guilt = you did something wrong.
Shame = you are wrong.

These two feelings are used to manipulate people into “accepted” behaviors. You see it in families, communities, the media, and governments.

And often it’s driven by fear.

When a person steps out and does or expresses something different than what’s expected, even if it’s a child in relationship to their parents, siblings, or classmates, they might be upsetting the status quo, which threatens people.

So the person is ridiculed, judged, and made to feel like something’s wrong with them.

But what hasn’t been examined is if that status quo is functional to begin with, or the reasons a person might be doing something different.

The child, however, equates their “expression” with not being accepted, loved, or taken care of, which ultimately is connected to their survival.

And they shut themselves and their true expression down “to survive.”

When you’re trying to survive, you can’t create!

A person can unknowingly carry this through their entire lifetime, and it affects their success in their relationships, career, finances, and even health.

But this can change, and we’ll begin looking at this on Thursday.


The truth is, you’re designed to express and  be supported through the truth of your expression.


Not only that, your expression supports everything and everyone around you.

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In honor of your creativity,

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