How to Order a Superhero Cape During a Pandemic

by | May 24, 2020

Not feeling good is part of what happens when you choose a life of healing, self-growth, and empowerment.

I say this to remind you that it’s 1000% okay to occasionally feel like ? …emoji poop.

(Feel free to interpret how you feel about that poop’s smile.)

Your personal superhero cape doesn’t come on automatically.

First, your false identities (or safety blankets) get stripped away.

Then, you see the naked truth of who you are, or who you haven’t allowed yourself to be (yet).

Now, you see what you need to learn and can *commit* to take action. #gratitude

It’s hard work.

But it’s essential, if you want to live as the truest, most alive version of YOU.

When you hit the “I don’t feel good” moment, laser beam your focus and energy on:

what, where, who, and how you want to be—your desired state of being.

The struggles are only there to encourage you to keep growing.✨

I am free.

I am free.

I struggle, and I choose to be free.

Over and over again.

I am free.

I say wheeeee. (Because it definitely needs to be fun too.)

It’s a decision.

And by the way, who you are in your truth is beautiful.

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With love,

P.S. That’s the incredible Jack Black in “Nacho Libre” who saved my friend Miguel and me in many a dance rehearsal hole. Love him.

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