How to know when it’s time for a break

by | Aug 22, 2020

Depending on your unique makeup, you might be saying, “Michelle, come on…I know when I need to take a break…”

Feet are already up on the sofa, popcorn bowl in your lap, and a glass of rosé or kombucha in your hand.

(If you really do kombucha, I’d love to know…because that’s what I do! ?)

Or perhaps you don’t take your break until you break down.

Regardless, I’ve made another sweet little recording for you on this subject of taking a productive break, and how it can serve you in your relationships, decision-making process, creativity, and more.

Have a listen ——–> here.

And, I also want to let you know that I’m going to be taking a mini-break to reassess my priorities as we come into a summer wind down, on this side of the globe.

My monthly programs (Meditate-Move-Heal and Monthly Mastery Series) will continue, along with my 1:1 coaching, but I’ll get quiet on my weekly newsletter for a moment.

Know that I’m thinking about you, as I love connecting with you and sharing resources that support your potential and ability to create a beautiful life!

Please continue to share my work with your loved ones and stay connected on Facebook and Instagram.

I’ll see you soon!

In gratitude, service, and love,

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