How to take action even when you’re unsure

by | Mar 17, 2023

I think there’s a flawed premise out there that once you make a decision to do something… like finally go for that thing you’ve always wanted… that you’ll be in the clear… and in love and ease with every moment of your work from there on out.

One of my mentors called this “destination thinking” and warned that we really have to stay away from this! Underneath it, we think we will land somewhere that keeps us “safe.” But this is an illusion, and it can prevent you from achieving your own greatness!

In today’s video, I offer you an alternative perspective… because I don’t believe we always “love” every moment of what we do, and one of the Universal Laws states that there can be a gestation process for you in trusting yourself to take a big leap.

You’ll get tips to help you know what to expect so you can stop indecision ping-pong and a great quotable on reframing those voices of doubt:

The saying is “know thyself,” not eliminate thyself!

Go watch the video for a bit more context.?

Changing anything in your life starts with a decision. Here’s to having the right support as you go on that journey!

? Michelle

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