How to turn disappointment into opportunity

by | Oct 17, 2020

Just this past Friday, I was about to do my first Keynote presentation for The Embodiment Conference. Nearly 440,000 people have signed up for this conference, so I was feeling a bit nervous and but also super excited! Sharing my work with a large group of people has been a dream for a long time.

The start time rolled around. I was ready. But only a small trickle of people came into the Zoom room.

A bunch messages were popping up on my phone, including some from Mark Walsh, the founder of the conference, but I wanted to dive into the presentation and not get distracted so I flipped my phone over.

But there was still hardly anyone in the room.

I wasn’t going to let the numbers stop me, and the presentation was great… moving and tender, with a few jokes tossed in. Gotta leave space for humor!

Right after I finished, the conference organizer told me that a huge mistake was made, and my talk was not visible on the online portal.

So for a second, I felt like:

But I’ve had enough experiences in my life to know that every disappointment can be turned into an opportunity (which I talk about in the presentation…still online until Sunday morning)!

The conference team moved quickly to set up another date, and I will now be doing a second Keynote presentation on:

Wednesday, October 21 at 3pm EST (NYC) / 12pm PST/ 9pm CEST.

All my talks are listed here and below:

You can sign up here:

So I hope you can join one of these presentations or catch the recorded one while it’s still on their website. They stay online for 48 hours.

And most importantly, remember that you have the choice to decide if a situation is going to bring you down or launch you into the next best version of yourself.

You may have to show up differently, ask for different things, or step up in a way you haven’t before.

But when there’s a passion burning through your heart, life will throw you curveballs en route which are simply your opportunities to grow.

And I’ll be talking more about this on Saturday, October 24 at 11am EST:,-consistency,-and-creativity-to-get-the-results-you-want-c8c066

Come and get it! You and your beautiful dream are worth it.


Complete List of Presentations!

Scheduled Talks:
Moving with Innate Wisdom: What You Need is Already Here
Wednesday, October 21 – 3PM EST / 12PM PST / 9PM CEST

Mastering Confidence, Consistency, and Creativity to Get the Results You Want
Saturday, October 24 – 11AM EST / 8AM PST / 5PM CEST

Panel: Everyone is a dancer. Everyone is a creator.
Sunday, October 25 – 10AM EST / 7AM PST / 4PM CEST

Recorded Sessions:
Panel: What is embodiment, why does it matter?
Moving with Innate Wisdom: What You Need is Already Here

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