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How Your Mistakes Can Bring You More Joy

by | Mar 13, 2021

Your desire to “not make mistakes” might be the exact thing that’s stopping your joy.

(Can I get a holler from any high-achieving, perfectionists out there?!)

I work with a lot of high-performing creatives.

And the one thing they must get over… to be successful and have more fun and authentic connection in life… is the fear of making mistakes.

If you keep asking yourself questions like…

“What if it doesn’t work?”
“How do I know if this is right?”

…it’s time to change that thinking!

——–> Here’s a reframe on how your mistakes can be your best friend.

If you weren’t raised by parents, caretakers, or teachers who taught you ways to successfully…

-have an honest relationship
-set healthy boundaries
-run a thriving business
-promote yourself as the highly talented, amazing, creative being you are …

you’re going to have to learn how.


Making mistakes is the only way to reach your dreams.


Why? Because with each mistake you’re one step closer to your vision.

Think of it like this… you didn’t come out of the womb knowing how to sing the perfect opera aria.


But if you wanted to sing like Maria Callas or Mariah Carey, you’d surely have to hit a lot of wrong notes to belt that “high-C.”

So, next time you attempt to have an honest conversation, share your ideas, or take the leap of faith that is 100% necessary in reaching your dreams… remember that mistakes are part of the journey.

The only things you can do are:

Clarify your vision.
Gather all the info you can about your next step.
Make a decision and commit.
Assess the results (with no judgement).
Try again until you reach your goal!

Et voilà! There’s your recipe for S U C C E S S (mistakes included).

I also like to add in good music, moving my body, and a lot of jokes and bad singing to make it more fun.


“Failure” only happens when you agree with a reason to stop.


I want to know…

Did this help you?
Which of those 5 steps do you struggle with?
And… what’s your favorite tool for turning a mistake into a win?

Leave a Comment below and please share this with a friend who might need it.✨⬇️✨

With Love,

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What clients are saying…

Michelle is masterful in recognizing the blocks (emotional, energetic, practical) that we put between ourselves and our goals and establishing a clear and grounded plan for the work to make your dream a reality. I regularly use the tools I gained to prioritize my action steps, observe my reactions, and work clearly with the energetics of money.

Leah Nguyen – Artist Healer, @planetpaintpeople

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  1. Angie Hoff

    The “make a decision and commit” – part is a hard one for me, but also the “assess your result (WITHOUT JUDGEMENT)”. I find it hard to see what I accomplish, and even harder to not judge it!!
    And what does it even mean to “commit”? Does it mean that you can’t change your mind (beacuse i do that ALOT)? Does it mean that your decision is written in stone? Does it mean you can’t get tired along the way and take a break?? The decision I can make, even though it’s sometimes hard, and I can say “I commit!”, but then things happen along the way that makes me kinda forget what it was that i said i wanted in the first place – I get interested in something else, I get tired, I start to question my own ability to know what I actually WANT… And then I want something else.

    • Michelle Boule

      Hey! You can change your mind, but “spasmodic” actions or decisions will produce spasmodic results. (That’s from Napoleon Hill.) A person often changes their mind due to fear or insecurity. Of course you get tired and take a break when you need. 🙂
      If you look at your message, you can see the patterns in there that keep giving you the same result. Commit! Develop a plan. See it through. Accomplish it. And you will build your self-trust and confidence to do your next best project or reach the big goal that’s coursing through you.

  2. Lisa Olivia

    Gathering all the info…. Could you clarify what this process looks like? I feel this will look very different for each person. I tend to love detail and then can find myself way off track… So far from my goal or vision even though the paths I followed were all connected (in some way) to the original piece!! Any suggestions on how to stay focussed on the gathering and also the remembering to then take a step (not staying lost in the details)?

    • Michelle Boule

      Lisa – a “deadline” or “lifeline” is a good way to work with the. How much time would you like to spend on something? Give yourself something to complete or finish. Train your mind to hold steady to that goal. See it…written on a piece of paper, or held clearly in your imagination. So all your actions are in alignment with what that goal is. 🙂
      I love details too, but sometimes it’s time to just let something go into the universe! And then make the next best thing. Take a step!!

  3. Ren

    Clarifying my vision is hardest, for me. I often find myself more of a responder, to what is here and now –sometimes the availability is good but a lot of times it’s also become a lack of focus.
    Somehow I find myself naturally taking the latter 4 steps, after which then only in retrospect I have more clarity of what my vision is –which is still not too concrete 🙁 but gets clarified (usually boundaries more than definition) after each cycle of steps 2-5.

    It feels hard to name specifically what is my vision. Is this a symptom of fear of rejection or lack of confidence?

    (I recently realized also that my childhood was steeped in values around suppressing desire, such that it was only this past year that I realize I never asked myself “what do I want”.)

    • Michelle Boule

      Hey Ren! When a person states what they want, it’s no longer hidden. They are now claiming it and are responsible for it coming into manifestation. And yes, people may reject you as you state what you want. This is what happens to every child at some point (on repeat), so we learn strategies to be accepted, like… not knowing what YOU want. So practice asking that question in big and small ways. And your desire can also get clearer as you go through steps 2-5, especially as you say you’re responsive in nature. 🙂


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