I laugh too loud?!

by | Nov 26, 2022

Earlier this year I was at the movie premiere of Super Pets… not the official one, but the opening day of the movie at the Chicago AMC theater for my niece’s birthday.

I was super psyched because the last time I saw a kid’s movie (Sing 2), I literally cried about 15 times (and still do when some of those songs play in my car)!

I can’t say Super Pets inspired me in the same way, but it has some good funny moments. So I didn’t hold back, and I let my laugh OUT!

As we were leaving the theater, the 4 kids I was with all told me afterwards, “Wow Auntie M, your laugh is so loud! You laughed a lot!”

And I said yeah, that stuff was funny! (I do have this peculiar thing where I sometimes know what the joke is before they’ve finished saying it, so I’m often the first one to LOL.)

I’ve been told I’m too loud at times. My laugh will burst out in a restaurant or public space, and I usually let it fly. Honestly, it often just comes out, and I even surprise myself. (I like to say it’s my big creative heart) 😅

Do you get told you’re too this or you’re not enough that? Too loud, too quiet, not good enough, too good for…

Gah! Frustration city.


The key thing here is that it’s crucial to let yourself be exactly who you are and not hold back the expression of YOU!


Maybe it’s a loud laugh. Maybe it’s quietly sitting on the sidelines and taking in the scene. Maybe it’s both!

Whatever it is, the truth is:

You are designed to succeed… to live your fullest life in career, abundance, and relationships… and you will when you live as the TRUTH of who YOU are.

Look, we all have stories of ways our expression was hindered or shut down. What it takes to change that is learning how to:

1 – acknowledge who you truly are.
2 – embody and live as that truth.

A lot of times people need help with this. I know I have. Over the years, I’ve invested much more in my personal and professional growth than what people pay to go to medical school. (And I also learned how to make all that money back!)

My reasons were mine and you have yours. I wanted to be able to keep dancing injury free, and the reasons kept expanding as I did… improved abundance, relationships, and spirituality.

Your soul is calling you to do, be, and have something in this lifetime, and you have the wonderful opportunity to nurture that calling by surrounding yourself with people who help and challenge you to grow along the way

Has anyone ever helped you get really honest about who you are and exactly what you want? Do you know your next step to support your authentic expression?

I’d love to know. Reply to this email, and I’ll definitely read all your responses.

Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing!

With love,

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