If she can do it, you totally can too…

by | Sep 26, 2020

I’m sharing my client Hannah’s story because I think she might inspire you to go for it… because remember, life doesn’t wait for you.

There’s also a short “recipe” you can follow to get the results you want.⬇️

Hannah and I met last year while I was teaching at the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation, and she uncomfortably shared something in one of our opening circles about always feeling embarrassed and awkward.

Hannah continued to work with me through my online group courses over the past year (Meditate-Move-Heal and THE Self-Love Course), and things have changed big time!

What’s most important to note is that Hannah showed up CONSISTENTLY.

She wrote this to me recently:

I struggled mightily with self esteem for basically my whole life, and now I honestly can’t even recognize that girl. The way I treat myself and feel day to day, the way I feel more empowered and able to recognize my patterns, the things I’ve been able to do… it’s been dramatic.

I was stagnant, miserable, and injured and since starting our work last July, have healed (in more ways than one). I escaped my dead end job, I’ve made this move I’ve been planning for years, I’m opening my dream business, and I’m feeling grounded and joyful day to day. Can’t argue with those results! You helped me unlock the keys to myself, a journey that I’m sure will continue to unfold for years to come, and the cascade of beautiful shifts in my life since beginning my work with you at SFDI last July has been awe inspiring for me.

I so appreciate your continued support, it is really above and beyond. ❤️

Go Hannah!

People often get so close to the dreams they want, but then they …STOP.

So I want you to keep this “recipe” in mind before you stop yourself, inches away from your goal:

1 – You deserve to be happy, successful, in love.
#TRUTH. Why? Because you’re you. Period. You’re here as a form of Life, and Life’s job is to create and express more Life. Happiness, success, and love all support Life.

2 – You must become a different person if you don’t have the results you want right now.
I’m not saying you lose the essence of who you are. Instead you change your thoughts, behaviors, and choices to enhance who you truly are, so your essence comes out fully.

3 – Rinse and repeat.
Growth is a process. “Failure” is a given. It takes repetition, rehearsal… first, second, and fifteenth drafts. But you won’t get there if you stop.

Follow those three steps, and you are bound to get results… love, health, and success in whatever ways you desire.

For those of you who’ve asked… after carefully considering plans for the rest of this year, we’re not launching THE Self-Love Course again until Spring/Summer 2020.

There is one final run of Monthly Mastery Series starting October 10th. We have 2 spots left for this small group Coaching + Healing program that aligns you with your goals and vision, so nothing can stop you.

*Please note: We changed the meeting day to Saturday’s, right after Meditate-Move-Heal!

If you’re interested, save your spot. Send me an email or let’s get on a call and see if it’s the right program for you.

Have an awesome day!

In service and love,

P.S. Hannah would also LOVE to support you with her Pilates expertise. Click HERE and get 25% off an online mat class using code MBODYRADIANCE. Spread the love, and keep your body in tune while you’re at it!

Monthly Mastery Series – Starts in October
Master the patterns, mindset, and behaviors to help you thrive. This 3-month intimate group program gives you direct 1:1 work with me 1x per month plus a private 30 minute call in the final month. It can help you master moving towards your dreams in a
sustainable way. Size is limited to 6 participants.
Sign up HERE or book a Clarity Call to see if this is right for you.

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