If you want a quantum leap, read THIS!

by | Feb 4, 2022

This question comes from someone who wants a quantum leap but is stuck…

Michelle – I’m a bit frustrated because I can’t seem to break through my current financial ceiling, and I definitely haven’t had my quantum leap yet.

I hear you talk about “following your desire” as a tool to help break through, but there are things I want that don’t make sense or that I can’t afford. And honestly, I also feel guilty about some of the things I want.

Okay, let’s get to the bottom of this!

Desire is important, but there are 3 things you need to know to work with it successfully…

1 – Desire has a tinge of excitement and possibility.

People often shut down their desires really quickly.

The door starts to open, and then they shut it down with judgment or thoughts like…

I could never do that.
That doesn’t make sense.
I don’t have the money. 
That’s way too bold!

And they start to tell themselves all the reasons they can’t.

Which unfortunately creates exactly that…a reality where they can’t.

The universe is that exact.

2 – Desire doesn’t always make sense, but it leads you down the right path for success.

Desires take you past the edge of where you’ve already been.

That unknown space is where the deep transformation and quantum leaps happen.

Remember, as you go for a big dream or goal, it’s impossible to know how it’s all going to play out.

In fact, if you try to control the process, you’ll just create more of what you’ve already experienced in life.

3 – Listening to your desire is a skill you can (re)develop!

At an early age, you probably dreamed big.

But most of us were raised with ideas of limitation and scarcity.

So you learned to shut down your desires, which are the seeds of living into your fullest potential.


If you can’t break through your financial ceiling, you’re shutting down your desire at a deeply subconscious level.


This is actually true for any area of your life where you’re stuck.

When you learn how to undo those subconscious programs, you start tapping into your higher, authentic self.

And you realize you can do anything you put your heart and mind to.

It doesn’t happen overnight because it often involves reprogramming decades of behavior.

But it’s 100% possible, and if you stay the course your quantum leap will show up!

In service and love,

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