Imagine how much you could change in 10 weeks

by | Jan 23, 2021

66 days is the average amount of time it takes to form a new habit.*

What if you could change your habits around money…?

…how you think, feel, and interact with it
…how it shows up (or doesn’t show up) in your life
…how much freedom you do or don’t have because of it

And in that time realize that it’s not all about money after all, but a deeper awakening to your creative potential and greatness you’re here to share.

You have a one-time opportunity to do this with me for 10 weeks (enough time to change a habit or several) in…

Creative People Making Money

This is the longest and most powerful group program I’ve ever offered, and probably the only time I’ll offer something like this since I’m staying in one place for the next 3 months. (Woohoo! Grounded by the pandemic!)

The EARLY BIRD price ends SUNDAY, JANUARY 24TH at midnight.

——–> Save your spot here!

You can change your relationship to money… and make so much more possible in your life.

Because it’s just another relationship. Do you judge money, hoard it, fear it? Do you understand it, respect it, accept it, and claim your truth around it?

I’ve worked with people who suffer because they don’t have enough money or because they have a lot of money.


Everything you experience, including your relationship with money, is a reflection of what’s going on inside of you.


You can turn this around, “clean it up,” and express and share who you are, while being abundantly supported.

And, you can do this with me and a group of other creatives set on changing their LIFE stories and contributions in Creative People Making Money.

When I started my conscious journey with money, I tripled my income in 8 months and have kept growing since. And I’ve learned that the journey isn’t just about money.


Ultimately, it’s a journey to the Spirit and Truth of you… your creative expression, self-worth, and courage to show up as the person you’re here to be!


I’m super excited about this All Live 10-week journey and would be honored to support your transformation and abundance.

——–> Start your journey here

If you’re interested and still have questions, reach out and let’s talk!

In service and love,

P.S. I spoke about a new relationship to moolah, dough, dinero, bacon in the “Create More, Contribute More, and Make More Money” workshop, which you can still watch here until this Thursday.

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