Is it okay to want more than you need?

by | Jun 19, 2021

Before I get into this week’s post, let me ask you this first…

*Do you wake up excited about your day?

*Does your income give you the freedom you want?

*Do you feel seen and deeply supported in your relationships?

If you answered no to any of those, you’re probably living your life based on what you need versus what you truly want.

If this problem isn’t fixed, your lifelong dreams go like Drano down the proverbial life toilet!

Yo! The toilet is not where your life dreams belong.

So why does this happen?

People believe it’s not okay to want more than what they need.

If you want to live into your brilliance…we need to reverse this backwards thinking pronto!

As children, most of us hear things like:

“You don’t need that.”
“You already have enough.”
“That’s too expensive.”
or “There are people starving in the world, so finish your food!”

That last one is a killer because it’s essentially denying what you feel and telling you to shove food down your throat that you don’t want.

Yowsah! Think about how that programming over and over would affect the choices you make as an adult.

As a child you’re tapped into the truth that you’re here to express and live fully, to dream big.

But if you were raised with ideas of limitation and scarcity…

…you start shutting down your desires, which are the seeds of living into your fullest potential.


Your desires are about what you want, not what you need.


So instead of:

…looking for sales
…not buying or investing in yourself or your business because you don’t “need” it or can’t “afford” it
…or even worse, talking yourself into saying a situation is okay when it’s actually doing you harm…

Listen to your desires!

This is a practice. It’s strategic rather than reckless. And it doesn’t happen overnight.

However, if you consistently and consciously tend to this practice, you’ll start living the life you deeply desire!

If you want to start doing this practice right now, get yourself into Meditate-Move-Heal, like yesterday!

We do a movement practice 2x per month that helps you turn your life’s desire compass on and clean out what’s holding you back. Plus, you’ll also have a monthly group Coaching Q&A, energy healing practices, and meditation! This month, we’re also doing a BONUS Training “Create a Successful Business You Love.”

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In service and love,

What clients are saying…

“Without a doubt, this program has changed my life. I was at the beginning of a growth process that was moving very slowly and did not have much shape or structure. I needed to change and expand, but didn’t know how to do that. I had a lot of anxiety and fundamentally didn’t trust myself, my capacity, or my worthiness. Working with you has reversed all of that. I’m now on the path to having a thriving business as an artist. I understand what I’m worth and am not afraid to ask for it. I have no shame in wanting an enormous life, and most importantly, I understand my own power, my own capacity, and am strongly rooted in my own inner authority. I am finally letting all my ideas, new directions, and desires unfold and pull me forward. I cannot say thank you enough from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

– Corinne Spencer, Artist, Brooklyn, NY

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