Is what you believe about money actually true?

by | Apr 12, 2023

 I was sitting at the beautiful Brooklyn Academy of Music theater in my early 30’s, watching a dance performance by a successful choreographer, and thinking…

Gosh, this must have cost so much money.

I didn’t have an abundance consciousness at the time. I hadn’t studied spiritual prosperity. 

I was looking at the show through the lens of the money I thought I didn’t have.

And yup, I was judging. 

My attitude kept me outside of any possibility of creative expansion and prosperity, in other words… I was holding myself back.This was 100% #scarcityconsciousness and #resistance.

Years later I started to realize I was following myths that weren’t true, and that’s when my prosperity, relationships, and joy shifted.

So let’s debunk some myths together, so you can expand, play, and share in abundance right now rather than watch it happening for everyone but you! ? → ???

Myth #1 – I can’t make money doing what I love.

It’s likely for you artists out there that your main income might not come from your artistic practice, at least not right away. But you can learn how to make money abundantly and easily through other means and you can learn how to see the value in the artistic work you make so you can become the person who can share/sell it with 100% confidence.

Myth #2 – To make more money, I have to give up time with people that I love.

Nah, you just need to learn how to set boundaries and keep them, to use a calendar effectively, in a way that honors you and the people you love. Studies have shown that most people have more time than they realize and overestimate how much time they spend working. ???

Myth #3 – More money means I have to do more, work harder.

Making money can be easy, especially when you’re doing what you love and are aligned with your own authentic, creative brilliance. Have you heard of Human Design? (I use this tool in my coaching.) One of the things it teaches is that there are so many frustrated people in the world because they’re doing work they don’t love, and that feels hard!

Myth #4 – Money is bad, the root of all evil.

This belief is so pervasive, but the original quote was actually “the love of money is the root of all evil.” (Kinda makes you wonder who was spreading this myth in the first place, because it surely disempowers a lot of people.) Money is a resource. Just a few hundred years ago, we were trading beads and shells. Knowing how to generate the resource of money is a wonderful, self-empowering, and generous skill! And btw, a truly spiritual angle is that “money comes from God / the Universe through people.” 

Myth #5 – Money comes out of nowhere.

There is a real, tangible process to creating prosperity, and so much of it has to do with learning how to direct what’s going on inside that beautiful head of yours. Once you do this, it may seem like money comes out of nowhere! But the process is real and repeatable.

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With love,

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