Is your success on the slow train? Here are 3 ways to get results faster!

by | Jul 23, 2021

If you feel like you’re clunking along in your business or life, you might be doing this single thing wrong!

What I’m sharing in today’s blog post is related to my 21 years of living in NYC.

And it comes from a client who asked, “How can I get to my results faster!?”

It’s not always possible for me to know *exactly* what I need to address in a person’s life unless I’m doing private or extended group coaching with them, because we all have our unique stopping strategies! However…

Here are 3 solid ways so you can start flipping your script from “not fast enough” to “Holy moly! This is more abunDANCE than I knew was possible!”

#1 – First of all, your results are very much related to your self-worth and self-trust.

As simple as it sounds, you attract what you believe you’re worthy of receiving.

This is why a study and practice of Self-Love is critical!

And… if you trust yourself, you can take the risks you must take (hear that again…you must take risks!) so your business can run like buttah, with the right strategy and application of certain principles.

#2 – There’s a huge mistake I see people make all the time, whether they’re going for a personal goal or a business goal, and a super EASY way to solve it!


You have to get out of the pattern of start and stop.


Now for a New York City travel metaphor…

You’re trying to get from uptown to downtown, and the New York subway has local and express trains.

When your business is starting and stopping and not making the progress you want, you’re on the local!!

YOU are starting and stopping.

You must train yourself in consistency.

And get really honest about where you’re backing off from your goal.

You’ll struggle making the progress you desire if you can’t recognize and get past your regular stopping strategies.

#3 – Take some dedicated time to ask yourself these questions:

Are you charging what you’re worth?
Are you missing an opportunity that’s right in front of your eyes?
Are you sticking to strategy that isn’t getting you the results you want but it’s “safe” and familiar?

Tending to these 3 tips will change your business and life, I promise!


Remember too that bringing someone else in to help you see your blindspots and guide you to take your next leaps can save you time and money, and catapult you to express train!


If you don’t have the results you want yet, don’t stop. Keep studying with people who have the results you want until you’ve learned everything from them that you can.

You don’t need to do it alone!!

In service and with LOVE,


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