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Letting go of Resistance, Flowing with Potential

by | Jan 3, 2020

Are you willing to allow your life to change?

I would love to support you in this transformational journey this Sunday, January 5th in Let It Go, Let It Flow 2020.

It can be easy to see things outside of you as the source of your problems, and what’s hard to initially realize is that you are the thing that is in the way of change in your life.

(Gah! Barf! Yes, that is my honest reaction sometimes to that statement.)

However, if you’re willing to take that statement on, you’ll also see that you are the powerful co-creator of what is happening in your life right now.

This subtle, yet extremely profound shift in perspective is an incredible step towards self-empowerment that can open the doors to your freedom.

And I will do my best to guide and support you through that understanding into action this Sunday, January 5th at 2:00pm EST.

Here are two short videos you can watch to get a better understanding about:

1) what this Sunday’s course will look like

2) how letting go is all about releasing the grip of resistance.

I’ll be doing another Facebook Live here on Saturday, January 4th around* 11:00am EST, so please feel free to join, ask or send questions my way. (*The time might shift just slightly as people will be moving stuff out of my apartment!)

This journey may ask you to wade through some anger, fear, grief, or sadness. (I will support all the feelings that arise, as I know them well from personal experience!). And I assure you that your greatest gifts are right on the other side.

There is gold on the other side of resistance!

So…what are you ready to let go of?


What would you like to invite into your life?

We will move (literally) through this flow in our session on Sunday.

If any of this piques your interest or resonates at all, dive in and join us.

This is the only single online group healing session I’ll be offering for the first half of this year.

Please feel free to send this email to a friend or ask that friend or loved one to do the course with you through this year’s Friend Special!

I look forward to seeing you on January 5th, live or via the session video recording, for “Let It Go, Let It Flow 2020.”

Big love,
Michelle ❤️


What Sabrina said after joining “Let It Go, Let It Flow” from Singapore…

“I just want to thank you so much for doing this. It is so precious that we can connect across the world like this! It was so heartwarming to be part of the group and the things that were brought up resonated deeply with me, the healing came about with the feeling that I was not alone in how I felt. Also I felt changed from within from the practice of tapping out my cortices. Thank you for sharing this!”

? Let It Go, Let It Flow 2020 ?
The annual beloved Online Group Session is happening again!

Join me and a community of other people who are committed to stepping into more growth, joy, and love this year.

Sunday, January 5th, 2020 
2:00-3:30pm EST*

*If you can’t join live, the video recording will be available for 1 month!

There is power in community, one of our greatest teachers.

I receive so many elated emails from people who do my online courses via the video recordings, which is proof that the recordings are just as powerful as joining live. It’s really all about your commitment.

When you commit, the universe commits back. ❤️

See you on January 5th!

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