My biggest “client” win yet

by | May 12, 2023

Today I want to share a beautiful meeting that happened in my Permission to be Prosperous workshop last week. (Watch the workshop replay here.)

“Becoming available to something greater” is a theme I’ve been working with for 40 years, as a dancer, teacher, business-owner, and artist.

It means you’re available on all levels for more beauty, creativity, energy, love, and yes, abundance to flow through you. 

Meet Ina… (pronounced eye-na), a [insert years] cancer survivor and grandmother who is now spending time doing what she loves.

I met this “client” who has been following my work (for free for a year ?), and she shared what I consider to be one of the biggest wins.

Yes, I’ve been so blessed to watch my clients…

…start new businesses doing things they love

…start making 6 or multi-6 figures in their businesses or jobs

…meet their life partners

…improve their relationships with their families

…set healthy boundaries with work and family

…build their confidence and self-trust

…bring their authentic, creative brilliance into the world, without compromising who they are

…have more time for fun and vacation

Ina’s win… she’s peaceful, present, in gratitude. She spends time in her garden, even when she has a serious migraine. She’s letting herself heal… become whole, available to something greater. She knows her “presence” is her legacy to her grandchildren and others.

This is what creates a prosperous, abundant, and joy-filled life, on your terms. 

Your turn! Watch this clip from the end of the workshop, read Ina’s words, and then do the reflection below:

I have been navigating through some serious migraines since Thanksgiving and while I was working in my springtime herb garden yesterday I was able to be at peace, feeling gratitude for being present in the garden with the baby towhee chirping and following me around while I planted the celery and parsley and the basil and oriental garlic and sage, and knowing the plants as good companions while the questions of “Who am I?” and “What do I really desire?” bubbled up. 

It was a playful pleasure to be so engaged rather than try to accommodate or hide from the migraine pain. What a wonderful gift and amazing grace! I am learning to appreciate the slow down, deliberate time these migraines offer me.

Thank you Michelle for being there in the garden with me – you are amazing and the way you work with us ripples out to my grandchildren and beyond.

 Hello tears! ☺️ Now, can you ask yourself….

 -Do I experience joy regularly in my life?
-Am I doing things that bring more joy into my life?
-Is there something I need to learn about allowing more joy into my life?
-Is there something I need to let go of because it’s stopping my joy?

Here’s to your brilliance. It’s a joy to watch you shine.

With gratitude and LOVE,

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Finally, let’s celebrate a client…

“I’ve made significant changes in my life and business since I joined Michelle’s coaching programs. Learning the value of feeling good as a practice has been huge for me. I found a safe space to work with unconditional love and acceptance of life instead of needing things to be a certain way before I’m happy. Professionally, I’ve tripled my fees and had the most successful season of teaching of my career! I’m super grateful for Michelle’s support and would recommend her work to anyone who’s ready to commit to deeper transformation.”
-Toni Craige – Bodyworker, Counselor, Dancer – North Carolina

Inspired to write your own new story, but don’t know which step to take next? Reply directly to this email and we’ll help you out.❤️

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