One of the best skills I learned (about money…)

by | Oct 3, 2020

Here’s a skill I started to develop in my early 20’s that serves me to this day.

I was in weekly talk therapy in New York (because who doesn’t go to therapy in NYC?!), and I had a desire to also do private weekly voice lessons and Alexander Technique sessions, in addition to continuing therapy.

All of these were out-of-pocket expenses (as about 100% of the self-care I’ve invested in as an adult is not covered by health insurance).

I had no idea how I was going to make all those things happen. It was a hefty expense for a young contemporary dancer in New York.

But, I remember the moment of reluctantly speaking those desires out loud in that little basement therapy room near Stuyvesant Square Park in Manhattan.

And I remember my therapist saying “you can have all those things.”

One month later, all those things were happening.

Here’s how it worked….

1 – I listened to my desire.

2 – I trusted what my therapist Eleanor said. #faith (I figured 50 years in practice gave her some street cred. )

3 – I didn’t overthink it… meaning, I dropped the doubt and worry and focused on ways it could happen rather than on how it couldn’t.

And I developed one of the best skills I know which is…

…how to spend money on my own self-improvement.

Everything I’ve learned about the body, healing, somatics, psychology, art, self-care, breath work, singing, energy medicine, money, consciousness, sexual health, yoga, spirituality, coaching, business development, and on and on, has allowed me to show up as a better dancer, teacher, coach, healer, employer… and as a better friend, partner, sister, auntie, and daughter.

Investing in myself teaches me to value my own self-worth.

We are all beautiful creatures… worthy of attention, here to contribute, and able to do so fully when we are taken care of (and educated).

Remember, YOU are worth it. Your dreams are worth it.

If you have a desire to gift yourself with self-care, study or self-improvement, know that by design, that lets you show up as an even better, truer, and more beautiful version of yourself.

And by design, that contributes more to all of life around you, near and far.

In service and love,

What’s coming up?

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What clients are saying?
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-Laura G. in Durham, NC

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  1. Irène Broillet

    You talked about a paper with 5 steps to success. Could I get it?
    Thank you.
    Great job on the embodiment conference!!!
    Go well Irène


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