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She launched her business during the pandemic

by | Jan 30, 2021

I’m sharing Bryn’s story to inspire you to keep moving through your challenges…

Bryn showed up repeatedly last year in my online group courses, moved beyond her fear, and launched her dream business Svastha Holistic Healing…during the pandemic! #superstar

How did that happen? She..

-made a decision and committed
-invested in her growth
-studied and studied
-got honest with herself and
-showed up…

Read that list a few times.

It’s not just one try. Bryn even went back to her old jobs once or twice before diving in.

Remember…change takes strategies, attempts, and progress tracking on repetition. Not to mention commitment, persistence, dedication, and passion.


But when you finally go for it, the universe hears you and shows up, delivering the fruits of your labor. #beautifuldream


Creative People Making Money starts on Monday.

Yes, we’ll talk about money, but at the heart of it, we’ll spend 10 weeks

-increasing your capacity to receive
-increasing your capacity to give
-creating habits for success
-aligning your mind to a whole new paradigm of possibility
-understanding the truth of how this works through Universal Law, energy and embodiment

This program will affect your relationships, career, and if you wish…your bank account.

Can’t wait for this one to start! You have two more days to sign up, and join a group of inspired creatives, devoted to changing their lives!

——–> Don’t miss out! Join today.

Remember to celebrate your dreams, stay inspired, and #dontgiveup!

Here’s to YOU!

With love,

P.S. If you’d rather do 1:1 coaching, let’s talk! Apply here.

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